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There is no clear evidence that the ozone layer is monotonically disappearing. Sometimes the hole is larger than others, and we believe the Kyoto protocol (banning CFCs) limited the damage we were doing to the ozone layer. Eventually those CFCs will leave the tropopause, but there will still be an ozone hole. In the winter at the poles, there is little UV to make new ozone. So if there is any water vapor, ozone will be naturally depleted.

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How fast is the ozone layer disappearing each day?

The ozone layer is disappearing very fast. It is due to the CFC's.

What makes scientist think that the ozone layer is disappearing?

Ozone is disappearing. It is because of the increasing CFC's.

What make scientist think that the ozone layer is disappearing?

The scientists are thinking of the ozone disappearing. It is due to its loss.

What makes scientists think that the ozone layer is disappearing?

Scientists believe that the ozone layer is disappearing because there is a large hole in it. This hole was not there years ago.

What is happeninng to the ozone layer?

the ozone layer is basically..disappearing. this is happening because of pollution in our atmosphere.

Why do scientists believe the ozone layer is disappearing?

Scientists believe the ozone layer is disappearing for many reasons. Release of synthetic chemicals called CFC's is one.

Why did the ozone layer disapper from the Antarctic?

The ozone layer is disappearing from Antarctic. It is because of the westerly winds that carry CFC's.

What makes scientist think that the ozone layer is disappea ring?

Ozone layer is disappearing. I is because of the increased UV content on earth.

Why is the Ozone layer disapearing?

The ozone layer is disappearing due to various man made and natural reasons. Major of them being usage of Ozone depleting substances by humans. They contain chlorine which destroys ozone molecules in the ozone layer.

What is the Antarctic ozone layer?

The Antarctic ozone layer is the ozone layer over Antarctic. It is being depleted fast.

Why is the ozone dissapreaing?

Ozone layer is disappearing because CFC gases which are pollutants are responsible for the depletion of ozone layer. CFC convert ozone to oxygen and make it useless for the absorption of UV radiation.

Why is the ozone layers's disappearance a problem?

The ozone layer is not disappearing. The ozone layer may or may not be thinning.A thinning ozone layer results in increased rates of cancer and mutation, and reduced crop yields and loss of arable land.

How fast is your ozone layer depleting?

Ozone layer is depleting at a pretty fast. It is because of multiple ODS combined.

When was the year when you discovered the ozone layer disappearing?

In 1985, we discovered. It was done by Dr Farman.

How fast is the ozone layer growing each year and why?

The ozone layer is growing slow. This is due to ozone depletion by CFC's.

When is it expected for the ozone layer to disappear?

Some countries have banned the use of CFC which deplete ozone. So there is no chance of disappearing in the near future.

How and why is the ozone dissapering?

Ozone depletion is the process where ozone holes are created in the ozone layer. It is caused due to the action of chloro-floro-carbons on the ozone molecule to break it down to oxygen. It is disappearing due to in human activities.

What makes scientists think the ozone layer is disappearing?

The don't "think" the ozone level is being affected, they measure it with systems such as absorbtion spectrographs and measure its change.

Why is the zone layer depleing?

The ozone layer is depleting at a very fast rate. It is because of the human released ozone depleting substances.

How long would take FOR THE OZOne layer to diseper?

It will take a long time. But if you stop CFC's, the disappearing will stop too.

What is the ozone layer of troposphere?

the ozone layer is actually in the stratosphere. when that layer gets depleted, the UV rays penetrate into the troposphere and eventually form ozone there. the ozone formed there is the tropospheric ozone. this ozone however has a short photochemical life in the troposphere and thus disintegrates too fast to consolidate its structure.

What is the country that is not protected by the ozone layer?

The ozone layer is a cover of ozone gas all over the earth's atmosphere so we cannot say that a country is not protected by it. However due to the intense depletion of this layer, its cover over the Antarctic region is being disappearing day by day. This may be the cause why there is less protection of ozone over the Antarctic region.

Why is disappearing ozone a problem?

Ozone disappearing is a problem as it allows UV rays to allow enter the earth. They are fatal for life on earth.

What does ozone layer means?

Ozone layer means a layer of ozone. It is in stratosphere.

Why is the ozone layer named the ozone layer?

Ozone layer contains ozone in it. Therefore, it is named so.

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