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I have had 50mph from mine down hill


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No, a 1983 Honda Xl250 does not need a battery to start.

The Honda XL250 is a motorcycle which was first made in 1972 and manufactured throughout most of the 1980's. The best way to find one available for purchase would be to check the classified section of a local newspaper or to visit the eBay website.

The oil capacity of a 1985 Honda XL 250 should be about 1.6 quarts. This is after changing the oil.

With a smile. Just kidding there is an od looking bolt on the left cover of the block. Start there, i don't know the rest

I think yes, this engine will enhance the performance of the bike and it will be more super bike.

Sounds like the rings may be "shot" and oil is being pumped up the cylinder wall to the plugs

should be some where out of veiw on the fron forks area. if no and you really need it it may be under the engine stamped on the engine. it is possible depending on the year that the sticker vin has gone do to it being a dirt bike and all.

Answer CHECK AUTO VOLT REGULATOR OUTPUT.WITH ENGINE OFF CONNECT DC VOLTMETER ACROSS BATTERY POSTS. METER SHOULD READ ABOUT 12.5 VOLTS. START ENGINE: VOLTAGE READING SHOULD INCREASE TO 14 OR SLIGHTLY MORE VOLTS., Unless the problem is the generator or alternator, in which case the same symptoms will appear. Nice try, but no cigar.That is not entirely correct, you would be correct if reading the charging system voltage on a 12v system.On my 4wheel 350 bruin it is around 10v and the xl250 1982 is around 8v, to check the generator/stator you need to read AC voltage and after regulator you need to check DC voltage, most people use the headlight check to see if the regulator is working fine, imo get the manual for the correct reading/maintenance procedures or elaborate on the question with the model and year of the vehicle in question.

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