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Q: How fast you s a shetland pony?
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How fast can a shetland pony run?

you'll be suprised how fast a shetland can run, although they have short legs and a small body, they are as fast as the average pony!

How fast does a shetland pony run?

Shetland ponies can actually be very fast. This is despite the fact that they have short legs and a small body.

What is shetland pony in french?

poney Shetland - french translation of Shetland pony

When was the shetland ponies brought to the us?

It appears that Shetland Ponies were brought to The United States of America in the mid 1800's if you want to see for yourself check out this site:

Where do the shetland pony get its name?

it comes from shetland and is a pony

What kind of categories is the shetland pony?

the shetland pony is a breed of pony.. not a "catergory" as such

What is the breed of a shetland pony?

Shetland, thus being the name "Shetland Pony."

What has the author L Frank Bedell written?

L. Frank Bedell has written: 'The Shetland pony' -- subject(s): Shetland pony

What is the history of the shetland pony horse?

It is the same as a Shetland pony.

Who is rarer Shetland pony or dartmore pony?

I do believe that the Dartmoor pony is more rare than the Shetland pony.

Is there a shetland pony association?

There is the Shetland Pony Studbook Society, and the Pony breeders of Shetland Association. Both are listed in the related links below.

What islands are north of Scotland and are the name of a pony?

Shetland Islands - Shetland pony.

What is special about a shetland pony?

Shetland pony. The Shetland pony is a breed of pony originating in the Shetland Isles. ... They are a very strong breed of pony, used for riding, driving, and pack purposes.

Shetland pony weight?

The normal weight for a shetland pony is about 500-550 pounds.

What do shetland pony eats?

A Shetland pony eats the same as horses, just less of it.

Is a shetland pony a herbivore?

A shetland pony is a herbivore, as are all horses and ponies.

What was the name of Prince Charles s first shetland pony?


Where does the Shetland pony originate from?


How tall is a shetland pony?

A Shetland Pony gets to anywhere between 28 - 42 inches.

What is better a pony or a Shetland?

That is a matter of oppinion. Of course the full name of the Shetland is the Shetland Pony. A pony is any horse under 14 hands. This could be just about any breed, wheras, the shetland is just one breed.

What does it mean to drive a shetland pony?

They mean to have a shetland pony and for it to pull a driving cart. as in like horse and cart its shetland and driving cart

What is scientfic classification of the Shetland Pony?

Equus ferus caballus is the scientific classification of the Shetland Pony, or a miniature horse. It was bred in the Shetland Isles.

What has the author Anna Hodson written?

Anna Hodson has written: 'Shetland ponies' -- subject(s): Shetland pony

What is a good name for a shetland pony?

a good name for a shetland pony is sheba which is from the Hebrew origin it means promise or oath.

How do you make a midget pony?

get a Shetland pony