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How fat can a dog get?


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the fattest dog in the world weighs 482 pounds so thats probably around how fat a dog can get. it mainly depends on he age of the dog, the height, and the breed.

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well dogs are not ment to be fat although it is healthy for a dog to have some fat around them but its just wrong and crule to over feed your dog and make him/ her become fat.

If your dog doesn't eat, no matter if it is fat or thin, it will die.

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Take a fat or obese dog to a veterinarian. Have them recommend an appropriate diet for your dog, and give your dog plenty of exercise.

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That depends on how fat or lean the dog is.

How fat your beagle is depend on how much food you allow your dog, what type of food, and how much exercise your dog gets.

But why would you want to make your dog fat? It's really not good for a dog to be overweight. But all you have to do is overfeed and feed it fatty food and dry food with plenty of carbs.

depends on what type of dog it is.

Any dog will get fat if the owners don't exercise it.

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