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well If you take the pill do not worry if you forget it start worrying

even though you are on the pill; you can still become pregnant not all Birth controls are always active. Some do fail. I know a woman who took the pill and got pregnant, she took the shot and got pregnant; and she tried the patch, *& guess what... She got pregnant. She now has 4 kids. However i would just wait for the missed period. When that happens take a home test or go to the doctor.

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Q: How fertile are you the day after your period if you are on the pill?
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If you've been on the pill for a year and this month you totally miss the last active pill in the pack get your period then have unprotected sex the day after your period how likely is pregnancy?

Very likely, my sister did this and got pregnant. Well see, I was informed that this is one of the least fertile days of the month and that it would be unlikely? Also, my period is about on a 28 day cycle. I read that the most fertile days would be the 10th day after the onset of your period until the 17th day after the onset of your period.

Are you fertile the day after your period?

no your not you fertile from 6-10 days after your period

If you came on your period a week before your pill ended so stopped the pill and had normal period then had sex 12 days from the first day of last period whats chances of pregnancy?

12 days after the first day of your last period is a possibly fertile day. As for the birth control, I don´t know, but maybe you should get back on it after you make sure that you are not pregnant.

Should you take the morning after pill if your period is due in three days?

No. you were well and truly out of your fertile period when this happened.

Can you become pregnanant 2 days before your period and you forgot to take your birth control pill?

You should not be fertile two days before your period. That is of course, if you are one hundred percent sure that your period is due in two days. Your fertile time is about 14 to eighteen days before your period if you have a 28 day cycle.

Are you fertile from the day of ovulation until your period?

No, you are actually fertile from about 3 days before ovulation until ovulation day, after that you are no longer fertile, the longest time period for fertility is about a week ~pawsalmighty

Are you still fertile one day before your actual period?

If you have regular cycles that average 28 days ( +\- 5) then no. You are not fertile one day prior to your period

What does it mean when you have a one day period that is very light while you are on the pill?

what does it meam when you have a one day period that is very light while on the mini pill

Are you suposed to get you period on the first day of taking the inactive birth control pill?

no your are supposed to start the pill on the day u finish ur period

What are the chances of a women becoming pregnant if she started the pill on the first day of her period and had intercourse with no ejaculation on the fourth day of her period still on the pill?

Not likely

If I have a 5-7 day period cycle will i be fertile the week after my period?

You are fertile 100% of the time including while you are on your period and while ovulating.

What is considered your first day of your last period if your on birth control Is this considered to be the day after your last pill or the day you actually start bleeding?

The first day of your period, with or without the pill, is the first day of bleeding.

Can a woman be fertile after last day of period?


Do start pill before or after your period?

If you're just starting the pill, it's best to take the pill on the first day of your period. My GYN told me that you can also start the pill the Sunday following the start of your period... That way, it's easier to keep track of whether or not you took/missed your pill that day.

When you are on the pill when can you expect to start your period?

Normally you should start the day or day after you take the first placebo pill.

New to pill first week can you get pregnant if you started the pill on day your period ended which only lasted day and half and cycles that ain't regular and missed a pill day after unprotected sex?

if you have unprotected sex you can get pregnant. Period.

Are you fertile the day before your period?

No! You're most fertile on the days 11-17 of your cycle!

What does fertile your period mean?

I believe that you mean your fertile period, this means the time during your menstrual cycle that you are able to get pregnant. During a typical 28 day cycle a woman would be fertile from day 7-16.

Can you get pregnant from sex the week after your period?

Yes. If you have a 28 day cycle, your fertile time is from about day 10-16. The week after your period is a definite fertile time. Count 14 days backwards from your period due day - this is your approximate ovulation day. Take two days after and four days before as your fertile days.

Is it okay if you take the pill on the 5th day of your menstruation?

If this is your first day taking the pill, you should start the pack on the first day of your period. If you are already taking the pill, take one every day, even when you have your period. Follow the instructions that come with the pack.

A girl is on a 21 day pill packet. She takes a pill each day and then has her period. After her period she starts a new 21 day packet. How many days does she need to wait for the pill to take effect?

a month

If you start taking the pill the first day of the period instead of starting Sunday as recommended?

If you start the pill on the first day of your period, you have immediate protection against pregnancy.

Are you more fertile the day after your period is over?

You are most fertile about 14 days after your period has finished up until your next period starts, but you can get pregnant at any time

How soon should you try and conceive after first day of period?

About 14 days after the first day of your period is when you are fertile.

Are you fertile on first day of period?

yes i believe so