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How fission and fussion reactions produce energy?

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They produce energy due to mass loss (called mass defect) that transforms mass into energy according to equation: E = mc2

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What is the energy resulting nuclear fission or fussion?

Both fission and fusion can produce energy in some cases, and absorb energy in other cases.

The energy of sun is due to nuclear fission nuclear fussion chemical reactions?

The sun energy is due to nuclear fusion.

Does nuclear reactions and fission and fusion produce energy?

Some reactions produce energy, some require energy.

How is nuclear energy produce?

by nucleoli fission reactions

Is there energy that begins with f?

fussion and fission

How is energy released in nuclear fussion?

Now do you mean fission or fusion? Fussion seems a combination of the two.

Does fusion reactions produce a greater amount of energy than do the fission reactions?

yes, Fusion produces energy more than fission by around 400 times for same mass.

What is one benefit of nuclear fission reactions?

The amount of energy produced by a fission reaction can be used to produce a high amount energy that can be converted into electricity.

Is solar energy is due to fussion reaction or fission?

nuclear fusion reaction

Is uranium on the sun?

no. the sun uses fussion, not fission. fussion requires two hydrogens that "fuse" to make a helium, which gives off a lot more energy then fission. It does not require uranium.

How are nuclear fission and fussion the same?

Both release excess nuclear binding energy.

What contains a heavy atom often used in nuclear fission reactions to produce thermal energy?


Which contains a heavy atom often used in nuclear fission reactions to produce thermal energy?


What type of energy is produced by nuclear reactions?

kinetic and radiation energies are produced by the nuclear fission reactions. The kinetic energy of fission fragments transfers to heat energy.

What are the two processes by which you obtain energy from the nucleus of an atom?

Fission- which is splitting of the atoms.] Fussion-which is the combining of the atoms.]

Which reaction used for nuclear power plant. fission or fussion?

Nuclear fission. Larger atoms are broken into smaller parts and energy is released. Nuclear fusion is where lighter atoms are fused together - as happens in the sun. This also produce energy, though much more.

Why enormous energy is released during nuclear fission?

it is because during nuclear fussion some amount of matter is changed into energy

What does uranium produce energy from?

This source is the fission energy.

Is nuclear reactions a form of electromagnetic energy?

The reactions, fission and fusion, are not themselves forms of electromagnetic radiation. However the energy they subsequently produce are forms of such radiation. Light, heat, gamma, x rays etc.

The differences between nuclear reactors and nuclear bombs include what?

Nuclear reactors produce exactly one additional fission for each fission reaction while nuclear bombs don't Nuclear bombs are runaway fission reactions and reactors aren't (APEX)

What type of reactions can generate the most energy of nuclear?

Fusion and fission nuclear reactions.

Where do you get nuclear energy?

Nuclear energy is obtained through fission and fusion reactions.

The energy from chain reactions involving nuclear fission is called?

nuclear energy

What is the importance of nuclear reaction?

the importance of nuclear reactions are very important.for energy purpose these reactions are very important because many energetic outgoing particles produce fission and fusion.

What is the relationship of mass of reactants and mass of products in nuclear fission reactions?

The law of msass and energy conservation is valid also in nuclear fission reactions.

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