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:It would be considered to be normal to have morning sickness (nausea/sick to your stomach) every day for some women, starting as early as the second week after conception, and for others none during the entire pregnancy. Morning sickness (which can happen any time of the day or night) could last up until 13 weeks, but if it lasts for a longer period you should at least notify your health care professional that it is still occurring (although that may just be normal for you). Sometimes it lasts 16 weeks which is perfectly normal for some women, or in a low percentage of cases, for the whole nine months. Your health care professional can determine what is normal for you or if you need treatment.

Nausea with vomiting is common, but a slightly more severe form of morning sickness, and too frequent vomiting can be problematic, causing dehydration, improper nutrition for mother and baby, and even electrolyte imbalance. Be sure to drink plenty of fluids (sports drinks are a good choice to replace the electrolytes, if tolerated). You would want to report it to your obstetrician if you vomit four times or more in one day or if you are unable to hold down any food or fluids for a full 24 hours.

Some lucky women do not experience any morning sickness, which is just as normal and does not mean anything is wrong with the pregnancy. And some have very severe cases of unrelenting vomiting, which is a condition called Hyperemesis Gravidarum. It requires medical intervention to assure proper fluid balance and nutrition.

The smell of cooking meat or of certain other foods or chemicals can trigger morning sickness, so try to allow plenty of flow through ventilation from the kitchen, ask someone else to do the cooking, and sniff lemons or ginger to help offset the offensive odors that cause the sickness.

Additional Information:I know with my two pregnancies, I never actually got sick to the point I was throwing up. I had my good days when I did not feel sick, and days where I felt sick all day. So I guess it all depends on the woman. I also found that when I did feel sick, eating ginger snap cookies or drinking Ginger Ale helped a lot. So, try eating anything with ginger in it and it should help the nausea.

See the related questions below for additional information on alleviating morning sickness.

yes the vomiting has multiple down sides a: dehydration b: erosion of the esophagus...... you should definitely follow up w/ your internal medicine physician.

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Q: How frequently do you have morning sickness in the early stages of pregnancy?
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