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How good does the pull behind mowers work on steep hills?


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It will try to slide down the hill, at least as much as the connection between the tractor and mower will allow. You can compensate for it by driving slightly above what you are cutting. If it is motor driven I would suggest a 2 cycle engine or a 4 stroke with a great oil pump since oil starvation is common on steep slopes.


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It depends how steep the hill is if it isn't very steep then they should b fine but I wouldn't recommend it if the hill is very steep

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Often the hills are too steep and rugged for machinery like tractors and implements to be driven on without risk of flipping over. Hills grow grass, which feeds the sheep.

Often the hills are too steep and rugged for machinery like tractors and implements to be driven on without risk of flipping over. Hills grow grass, which feeds the sheep.

What kind of good has a steep slope?

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You can shift 3rd to 4th on a steep hill but it is not a good idea because you will loose power/speed and could even start to roll backward and stall the engine. 4th gear is designed for level road driving at higher speeds. 3rd is for stepper hills or getting to sufficient speed so to shift to 4th. 2nd gear is for steeper hills and so on.

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no but they are good at climbing steep slopes

New Honda lawn mowers can be purchased directly from the Honda website, this option offers the full range of both petrol and electric mowers, and provides the most comprehensive customer support. Alternatively most major DIY stores will carry a range of mowers. For used sites such as gumtree, ebay, etc are good as long as you know what it is you are looking for.

There are many different types of mowers that might suit your needs. Electric or plug in mowers save money on gas but require a little more time in charging. Consumer reports will direct your to the mower that is best for you, however when trying to save money and time with mowers it is always important to take good care of the engine and stay up on the maintenance.

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I find the backup sensor, aka rear sensing system, to be very helpful when: # parallel parking, and # avoiding hitting people, cars and lawn mowers that sneak up behind me when backing out of the driveway.

good in climbing steep mountains!

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Its hard to answer. E.g. Husqvarna is known for user friendliness and quite good reliability.

You run on your toes with your weight forward, go up the hill as fast as you can make yourself go, because hills hurt the same whether you are sprinting or jogging up them, and the faster you go the less time you're on the hill. When going down a hill take long strides and let gravity take you, you can get a good lead on those around you by using hills. It also depends on how steep the hill is, if its not that steep then i wouldn't sprint but if it is steep then sprint it because it doesn't hurt any more then if you jog it. So don't just go out and sprint every little hill you'll get way to tired.

Rome was on seven hills on the Tiber River. The hills were useful to spot enemies.

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