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How good is the celeron processor for laptop Is it worth buying of celeron processor with 1.7GHz?

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Well, in the end, for a laptop, with that kind of processing speed, it all comes down to how much computer memory the laptop has. It would be useful to know this beforehand, however, if the RAM is less than 512mb, i would not recommend buying it.

What else it depends on is what operating system it would be running.

2009-10-13 18:13:34
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Q: How good is the celeron processor for laptop Is it worth buying of celeron processor with 1.7GHz?
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Will these computer specs work for the recommended Star craft 2 settings here are the specs Processor dual CPU t3400 2 16ghz 2 17ghz Ram 3GB 32bit operating system?

Those Specs given should work, but the graphics card is another important thing that could make the clarity of the game change majorly.

Is the celeron processor worth purchsing?

It is top of line laptop, having advanced features and for cost below $500 it is definately worth buying.

What is the operating speed of a Celeron processor in a Acer Extensa laptop?

The Acer Extensa laptop comes from the manufacturer with a Celeron M 550 processor in it. While it is by no means the fastest processor, it does clock in at 2 GHz clock speed and 1024 KB of level 2 cache performance.

Can Intel celeron r processor in dell n series500 laptop be replaced with any other new processor?


Which is more powerful the current Celeron processor or the current Xeon processor?

The Xeon processor is stronger than the Celeron processor.

Which is better Celeron processor or Atom processor?

A Celeron processor. Some Celeron processors are somewhat powerful, however Atom processors are slower, intended for basic use in ultra-mobile machines such as netbooks.

Can you play games on laptops with an Intel celeron processor?

You can play games on laptops with an Intel celeron processor, but not all games.

Is an Intel Celeron processor a dual core processor?

There are Celeron dual core processors today. However, just because you have Celeron processor, it does not mean your Celeron processor is a dual core processor. The easiest way to tell is to look at the Intel sticker on your computer. If it says "Dual Core," then it is dual core. If it does NOT say "Dual Core," then it is not dual core.

What is faster a Intel celeron processor or an Intel core 2 duo processor?

core 2 duo is faster than celeron

What is the advantages of an Intel Celeron processor?

Intel Celeron processor is a fairly basic type of processor. It's only true advantage is how cheap it is to get, and that it performs decently for most activities.

What is the difference between a Intel celeron processor 900 and a Intel Pentium duo core processor?

First of all, the Intel Core 2 Duo has 2 cores where as the celeron has only 1 core. Celeron is kind of outdated and the Intel core 2 duo is much faster than the celeron processor

Who makes the Celeron range of processor?


The celeron is part of what class of processor?


Which AMD desktop processor is comparable to the Intel Celeron D?

As the Celeron D is a product line and not a specific processor, there is no specific comparable processor. Depending on the model. the Celeron D is comparable in performance to various Athlon 64, Athlon XP, and Sempron processors.

What processor do modern laptop computers use?

Intel x86 multicoreAMD x86 multicoreIntel AtomIntel CeleronARMetc.

What is the cheapest laptop available at Best Buy?

The cheapest laptop at Best Buy is a Compaq Presario. It is $329.99 and is rated 4.7 stars out of 5 by purchasers. It comes with an intel celeron processor 900.

Is multitasking possible in Celeron processor?

Yes. Multitasking is dependent on the operating system, not the processor.

What are the limitations of buying a small laptop?

It will not have as fast a processor as a larger laptop, most of the time not as good a graphics card, and a smaller screen.

What questions to ask when buying a laptop?

1.memory 2.processor 3.hard drive

What information should I look at before buying a laptop?

The most important thing to look at when buying a laptop is the random access memory, random output memory and the capability and type of the processor.

In what year did Intel release the Celeron processor?

the revolution in German

What is Amd sempron 140 processor equivalent to Intel?


What is the difference between the Intel Pentium dual core T4200 processor and the Intel celeron 900 processor?

T4200 has Enhanced Intel® Speedstep Technology which the celeron doesn't. vs Not having speedstep on an laptop will be bad for your battery consumption.

Why celeron D is not a dual core?

The Celeron D is a single core processor because that is how Intel designed it.Sounds trite, but that is the truth. Each processor chip is designed to meet a particular performance / price ratio, and that is how the Celeron D turned out. Simple, eh?

Can an Intel Celeron processor be swapped with an Intel Pentium 4 processor?

It would depend on which Celeron and which Pentium 4. You can replace a Celeron with a Pentium 4 only if they use the same socket, such as Socket 472, 478, or LGA775. You couldn't replace, for instance, your old Mendocino Celeron with one, because they use different sockets.