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Gravity has a constant acceleration value (9.8m/s^2) and acts downward always. Air resistance is as its name suggests a force that only acts when an object is moving, and it can act in any direction (always opposite the direction of motion).

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Different types of forces eg air resistance?

gravity,Air Resistance, pressure Upthrust,streamline

What are the different forces when riding on a bicycle downhill?

Gravity, Friction and Air Resistance. Friction is trying to slow you down Gravity is pulling you towards the bottom of the hill Air resistance is trying to keep you on the hill

What part air resistance plays in gravity?

i think air resistance slows down the object that gravity is pulling towards it

How does air resistance and gravity affect a falling object?

Air Resistance slows the fall of an object, and Gravity speeds it up.

If the acceleration due to gravity is the same for all objects does the mass have any effect the acceleration due to gravity?

No. If you assume no air resistance, different objects will receive the same acceleration, regardless of their mass.No. If you assume no air resistance, different objects will receive the same acceleration, regardless of their mass.No. If you assume no air resistance, different objects will receive the same acceleration, regardless of their mass.No. If you assume no air resistance, different objects will receive the same acceleration, regardless of their mass.

Why then do some objects fall through the air at a different rate?

Air Resistance increases with velocity.So, as the velocity of a falling object increases, Air Resistance increases until it is equal to Gravity.

Which direction does the parachutist go if gravity is greater than air resistance?

The parachutist will go down, of course. If gravity is greater than air resistance, then the parachutist would accelerate (his speed would increase). This would increase air resistance, up to the point where gravity and air resistance are in balance.

How gravity and air resistance are related to an object's terminal velocity?

Air resistance determines the terminal velocity because at the time where the air resistance overcomes the force of gravity the object can fall no faster. In other words gravity can no longer overcome the force of the air.

What Forces act on an arrow in air?

air resistance, gravity, acceleration/deceleration. --------------- Inertia, gravity, air resistance, wind turbulence/vortices, the rotation of the earth.

Describe how gravity and air resistance combine when an object reaches terminal velocity?

The faster something moves, the more air resistance is created. So as gravity pulls something faster, the air resistance increases as it's speed does, until the forces of air resistance and gravity are equal, making the object move at a steady pace.

How can you increase air resistance?

you can increase air Resistance by adding more gravity and more air Resistance which is the push that comes from down to up and will cancel out with the gravity eventually!! sorry i thank i messed up hope i helped!

If there is no gravity can there be air resistance?

Theoretically, if there is no (negligible) gravity in a specific area, there will be no atmosphere (outer space is a good example). So, theoretically......there would be no air resistance.

How does shape and air resistance can effect the laws of gravity?

It doesn't. The force of gravity depends on the masses involved, and their distance. However, air resistance can introduce other forces, that counteract the force of gravity.

Why does the acceleration of gravity vary from one point to another on the earths surface?

Different air pressure, so there is more/less air resistance.

On Earth which forces tend to slow an object down?

Air resistance, Gravity, Friction and Water resistance(Water and Air resistance depending if it's in air or water)

What does air resistance do to a moving object?

Air resistance works against gravity when you are summing the forces working on the object in question; resistance in any form (generally) works in the opposite direction of the object's motion. Air resistance, specifically, retards the object as it falls due to gravity.

What is the force that opposes objects in the air?

Drag Actually, it is gravity and air resistance

What is air resetense?

Air Resistance is a force that pushes up against gravity.

How do gravity and air resistance affect a falling body?

Well gravity would pull the body to the ground. The greater the surface area of the body the more air resistance there would be.

When an object reaches terminal velocity the force of gravity what the focre of air resistance?

Then the downward force of gravity and the upward force of air resistance are equal, and the object's acceleration ceases.

When there is no air resistance objects of different masses fall with what?

They fall at the same velocity because acceleration due to gravity is constant.

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