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I own a 1999 Grand Am GT and have performed this procedure twice. If the pump has an electrical connection, it has what you refer to as easy steer. The replacement procedure would be considered by most to be on the difficult side. It requires removal of the RH (pass. side) upper engine mount while supporting the engine from below to gain access to the pump bolts (they are behind the pulley accessable through the pulley holes). It also requires a pulley removal tool to remove and install the pressed on pulley. The tank is usually not supplied with the new pump so that has to be separated from the old pump and placed on the new. Also, the speed sensor control(if so equipped) is not included with he new pump so it also has to be removed from the old and installed on the new. Then, once everything is back on the car, fluid installed and ready to start the engine, you need to draw a vaccum on the new pump with a vaccum pump and adaptor in place of the pump cap. This is to remove air from the system. The procedure is to have the front wheels off the ground with the engine running (DON'T FORGET TO USE ALL SAFTEY PRECAUTIONS). While one person draws a vaccum on the PS pump to remove all excess air, the other person turns the steering wheel from side to side slowly until the pump no longer makes a high pitched whine. This noise is a result of air trapped in the hydraulic pump. This may take awhile. Once air is removed, check the oil level and your ready to go. If you are mechanically inclined and have access to a pully extraction tool, vaccum pump and the usual jack, jackstands and tools associated with automotive repair this can be done.

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Q: How hard is it to change a power steering pump on a 2000 Grand Am and how do you know if the pump in the car has easy steer?
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