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How hard is it to change the shock absorbers on a 1999 Chevrolet Suburban?


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not hard for the rears you will need to block the front wheels and jack up the rear end support it with jack stands cause ther will be a lot of shaking and yanking should be two bolts holding each shock in i would spary them with PB blaster or wd40 and let them soak for a minute then unbolt and remove the fronts are a little more difficult there is 3 bolts 2 on the bottom and a nut on top u may need a pair of vise grips for the front on the top of the shock there is a part of the shaft that is rectangular put the vise grips there so when you turn the nut on the top side of the shock you can keep the shaft from turning too jack each side of the front end up on the lower controll arm then remove old shocks and replace with new ones make sure you put on all the bushing and washers that come with the shocks or the shocks could fall off while on the road