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The process is fairly simple. As long as you have either cordless or elctric drills the disassembly and assembly will go quicker; as it is a lengthy process. I labled every single piece as I disassembled it to make the assembly that much smoother/quicker as everything is already drilled and will line up if it is put back together. The hardest part was "breaking" the bolts loose on the main frame as they will be corroded. Taking some photos as you disassemble will also aid in the assembly process. It took me about 20 odd hours to dissable the pool by myself and about the same to reasemble it -- as I was no expert and it was my first attempt at such a task.

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Q: How hard is it to disassemble a Kayak above-ground pool and then reassemble and would it be something your husband and you could do by yourselves?
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