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The process is fairly simple. As long as you have either cordless or elctric drills the disassembly and assembly will go quicker; as it is a lengthy process. I labled every single piece as I disassembled it to make the assembly that much smoother/quicker as everything is already drilled and will line up if it is put back together. The hardest part was "breaking" the bolts loose on the main frame as they will be corroded. Taking some photos as you disassemble will also aid in the assembly process. It took me about 20 odd hours to dissable the pool by myself and about the same to reasemble it -- as I was no expert and it was my first attempt at such a task.

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The word disassemble essentially means the opposite of what assemble does. To disassemble something is to take it apart. A synonym of disassemble is dismantle.

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Reassemble is a verb. It is the act of assembling something again.

What does disassemble mean?

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It is extremely hard to recreate something like the Nintendo DS.You'll have to buy all the parts of a DS, it would be nearly impossible to make any of the parts yourself. You'll also need experience in electronics and hardware.You could, however, disassemble and reassemble the DS lite, but it will void your warranty and you can easily damage something which will destroy your DS.

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If you want to put in a new harddrive or something the Sony PlayStation Network has a support section. You can access this from your computer. a Link to the website has been added and you can search for a reason like replacing the harddrive to disassemble the PS3.

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How do you tune up a carboretor on a 1987 cbr 600 it seems like its running really rich and spits a sputters at stops.?

Easy, buy a repair manual and follow the instructions. Otherwise you will likely do it wrong trying to piece together information from the internet that may, or may not (most likely), be correct. You'll need to pull the carbs, disassemble them, inspect/measure the internals, reassemble everything, and sync them when you are finished. It's not very hard if you have directions to follow, most likely some idiot stuck a stage 2 jet kit in there or something w/o the mods necessary to require doing so.

I accidentally got something stuck in the chamber of my airsoft gun so I need instructions on how to disassemble a KWC Colt M1991A1 airsoft gun?

There is a small round bobbly bit next to the safety catch, push this until it pops out. The slide should come off.

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If in a well replace it as it is worn out. If something was stuck in it set the ball on the seat and the spring on the ball to push ball to seat, then the ball retainer. Pressure should push the ball open and the spring should close the ball. (make sure all the spring is there)

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Slightly pull back on the slide, stick something pointed (non-marring preferred) into the back end of the slide pin hole, gently push forward on that then up on the slide. BE CAREFUL not to loose any springs, they will come out fast and unexpected! Hope this helped

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sounds like your SOL and even if it could be repaired it'd cost more than a new one, best thing to do when something like that gets wet is to disassemble it, remove battery and let it dry out ASAP!, I've saved many electronic devices in this way.