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How hard is it to replace the Turn signal switch on a 2001 L-300?

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Don't try it if you aren't trained to handle airbags. They are easily damaged, expensive and can discharge, causing serious injury and even death.

2006-08-18 16:26:51
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How to change Saturn L300 turn signal flasher?

the signal flasher is the hazard light switch......remove the radio bezel and change the switch

What is the average cost to replace a fuel pump on a 2001 Saturn?

It just cost me $735 from a mechanic I have always trusted. I have a 2001 L300.

How do you replace headlamp bulb on Mitsubishi l300 panel van?

how do you replace head light blubs l300 panel van

Where is the inertia switch for a Saturn L300?

Gm does not use inertia switches.

How do you replace fuel pump on a 2004 Saturn L300?


What is the stock tire size for 2001 Saturn L300?


How do you change crankshaft sensor in a 2001 Saturn sl?

were is crankshaft sensor located in 2001 Saturn l300

What transmission fluid to use in l300 2001 Saturn How much to use?

The correct transmission fluid to use in an L300 Saturn is Dexron III. The capacity for a complete change is about 6.75 quarts.

Can you replace the torx drain plug on an L300 with a standard plug?

Ask A Mechanic Online Now

What does it cost to replace the water pump on a 2001 Saturn L300?

It should cost no more than $350, if u also replace the timing belt, which i recommend. The total w both water pump and timing belt should cost $375, and that's a padded estimate.

Where is the relay box on a Saturn L300?

I have a 2001 L300, and the fan relay box is mounted just in front of the battery. Black box about 4-5 inches long and 1-1/2 inches thick.

Where is the thermostat situated in a Mitsubishi L300?

changing thermostat on L300

What does white smoke coming from tailpipe of 2001 Saturn l300 mean?

Blown head gasket or cracked head.

Where the exact location of chassis number of l300 van?

l300 van

Which car is better a 2001 ford focus 4 cylinder or a 2002 Saturn L300 6 cylinder?

focus. saturns are garbage

Where can I find the schematic for 2001 L300 serpentine belt?

it should be in your hood if not go to your local parts store they should be able to download it

Does 2001 l300 Saturn have a timing chain or belt?

The V6 uses a timing belt. The 4 cylinder uses a timing chain.

How many quart of oil do 2001 Saturn L300 engine take?

The Saturn engines all take 5 quarts of oil.

Oil Capacity Saturn L300?

The L300 V6 holds 5 quarts of oil.

What Saturn engine will fit into a 2001 L300?

The V6 Saturn engine used in 2001 was common among many vehicles in the GM line; including a few Cadillac models and the Opal

Why will my 2001 Saturn L300 not start after turning off without having to wait 30 minutes or more?

i too had the same problem with my L300. after about a year of this problem i replaced the crankshaft position was extremely easy to do myself. the car has not acted up since. hope this helps.

How do you replace the fuel pump on 2001 Saturn L300?

Remove the exhaust at the flange in front of the tank, drop rear exhaust, remove fuel filler neck and fuel lines that protrude from back of tank at the top, remove 2 tank straps, drop tank, remove pump

How much does it cost to replace a timing belt and water pump on a 2004 L300 Saturn?

About $500 to $600 for the belt, and another $150 or so for the water pump.

What is the torque spec for the cylinder head on a 2003 Saturn L300?

what the torque spec for the cylinder head on a 2003 saturn L300

How do you fix mutipal misfires on 1 3 5 Saturn L300?

Start by replacing all the spark plugs. If that does not solve the problem then replace the spark plug wires.