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very very hard

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Q: How hard to replace front diff on 1998 full size blazer?
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What is the front diff gear ratio on a 1999 Chevy blazer s10 4.3 LITER?

Same as the rear.

Will a front differential from a 2000 s10 fit a 1996 s10?

No it will not, It is all different. Actually yes it will i have to correct you om that i have a 96 blazer same front diff as an s10 and 96 to 03 are the same i just put a 2000 front diff in mine

How do you change the rearend fluid in a 95 Chevy blazer?

You have to remove the diff cover, then replace with new gasket and refill thru plug.

The gear ratio for achevy s10 blazer 4.3 vortec for the front diff?

depends upon the truck, diffrent ratio's were used

What diff housings will fit a 96 blazer?

94 and up.

Where is the front differential actuator on a 1998 blazer?

The vacuum actuator is either in the fender or under the battery. The actually diff actuator is on the back/bottom of the front diff. Mine (2000 blazer) is under the battery. It sucks to get to. If you check the actuator and it doesn't move at all, check the vacuum, if it's not getting vacuum, check the switch on the top driver's side of the transfer case. It sends vacuum to the actuator. It has three vacuum hoses coming off of it. It costs fifteen dollars at autozone and usually greatly improves the performance of the acuator.

How do you replace actuator on 1993 Silverado?

Under the front of the truck on the diff. or hog head,This is where the actuator is located it has two wires on it and screws into the diff. or hog head,You will need to unplug the wire connector and then unscrew the actuator and replace it.

Is it possible to replace rear diff moutings on land rover free lander with out removing diff?

Yes, undo the front one the the LHS then the RHS if neccisary. Broken mounts are normally caused by locked viscous diff.

Can you replace an AU2 falcon diff with an EL falcon diff?


How do you remove front differental 2001 blazer?

Raise and support front of vehicle with proper jacks. Unbolt front of driveshaft from diff. Unbolt both axles from differential flanges. Disconnect wiring shift cable and vent hose. Support differential with floor jack. Remove bolts holding diff to the frame. Lower diff on jack. You may need to turn the steering one way or the other for clearance.

Where do i fill the front diff on my Subaru impreza?

the front diff is part of the gearbox and the diff/gearbox oil is the same-there is a dipstick on the offside of the box near the bellhousing.

Will the Vari-lock front diff case from an 2002 WJ swap into a 97 Zj front diff?


How do you change front differential fluid in a 1994 Chevy S10 truck?

Unbolt the differential cover while the diff sits over a drain pan, let it drain, scrape off the gasket, ensure the mating area is clean, replace the gasket and secure it with some RTV, replace the cover... there might be a specific torque spec set by the OEM, but I've always just done "tight is tight" without a problem on my Blazer, remove the fill plug on the side of the diff, add the recommended amount of 75W-90 gear oil (the amount, I don't remember offhand), replace the fill plug.

Is a truck driven from the front or diff?

A truck is normally driven from the front.

Dodge 2500 4 wheel drive blowing gear lube out front diff vent when in 4wheel?

sounds like you have over filled the diff with lubricant drain lubricant and replace with proper rated oil and proper amount

How do you repair the rear differential on a 1995 blazer?

i have a 95 blazer also. jack it up, disconnect the drive shaft, take off the shocks, cut the u-bolts. they r probally to rusty to unbolt. let the diff. drop. take off the diff cover, take the diff apart, and pull it out. install opposite of removal. its really not that hard.

You have a 1986 S-10 Blazer the four wheel drive shifts from 2 hi to 4 hi but the front diff does not lock in It will also shift into 4 low but the front diff still won't lock in why won't it lock?

Should have some kind of a synchronized solenoid to engage the front diff. go to a parts store to look at a wiring diagram to trace it down or stop in and ask about it at a dealer. they will usually help if they are not too busy. The above isn't entirely true. on a 1986 S-10 Blazer the front hubs are actuated via a vacuum system. Under the hood of the s-10 will be a black plastic ball. (A little bit bigger than a softball.) There should be a single vacuum line hooked to it. This is what causes the front hubs to lock.

What axles are in a 1976 dodge ramcharger 4x4?

Dana 44 front diff and 9.25 rear diff

What do you need to repair a 1999 dodge 1500 that broke the front axel?

The drive axels can be removed & replaced individually. If you've actually broken the front differential housing you will need to get the gear ratio and find out what kind of diff you have in the truck and make a trip to the wrecking yard and get a used one and replace the diff. as a complete unit.

Do you have to remove both axles to replace one seal in the front diff on a 1996 dodge 1500?

The right seal can be replaced by only removing the right shaft. To replace the left seal, the entire axle needs disassembled.

Replacing engine on a 1996 s10 blazer and had to lower front differential and axle on right side slipped out about 1 inch and wont go back in what do you do?

You will probably have to remove the axle assembly and replace the retaining ring on the end of the axle that slips into the diff. More than likely the ring got bent or out of place and it is not allowing you to snap the axle back in.

97 Chevy blazer the transfer goes into 4 low and high but the front diff does not lock in?

I just had this repaired on my 93 Blazer yesterday, underneath the battery box there is a vacuum actuater that has probably ruptured and needs to be replaced. It looked like an easy job and only took the shop 1/2 hour start to finish.

Where is the differential gear oil plug on a Ford explorer?

It is located in the front of the diff on the driver's side. There is no drain plug on the diff cover so one has to either sifen the fluid out or remove the cover to replace the oil. The plug requires a 3/8" square socket extention to remove.

What are some features of a dodge?

Garbage trannies and front diff actuator

What is the cause of leaks from the front differential 01 Chevy Suburban?

The front axle seals go bad. There is special "Dealer only" blue transfercase fluid and it is way overpriced at $14 a quart. Anyway, buy that first and get new seals then you'll need to drain diff and replace the seals, then reassemble the axle shafts into the diff and then fill with dealer only xfercase fluid.