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1st repo?? Pay the arrears and repo fees, have ins. coverage 2nd repo??? Most likely have to payoff the loan unless the lender is in a really good mood. Read your contract

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Q: How hard would it be for a person to get a car back after a repossession?
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In what ways can a bank repossession affect you?

Hurt your credit and pride. Also it hurts your relationship with the bank. Try hard to make your payments and get back on track. You can't do anything without credit, so build it back up.

Can you sell a car back to the dealer if you can't keep up payments for a person who is incarcerated?

No. The dealer (or bank that financed it)technically owns the car til it's paid for. If it's become a hard-ship for you, simply give it back. It becomes a 'voluntary repossession' for the person incarcerated, but that sounds like the least of their problems. Good luck. FYI, a repo is going to damage the borrower's credit terribly.

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Depends upon the company/agent who has the contract for repossessing the vehicle. They only get paid if they recover the vehicle so in most cases they "look pretty hard." Please note, that the majority of U.S. states do not require a replevin order for vehicle repossession matters. However, if such an order has been issued, the person who is named can be held on a contempt of court charge if he or she tries to interfere with the repossession. Please check your state statutes concerning the type of action repossession agents can employ for recovery of the property.

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Yes. However, please note: 1. If the creditor who repossessed your old vehicle sued you and obtained a judgment against you, you would have to pay the judgment in full before buying another car. Otherwise, the judgment could be attached to you new car, and it too would be repossessed. 2. After a repossession, you may find it hard to get financing for a vehicle. If you need financing, check with your local bank or lenders who specialize in giving loans to borrowers with less than perfect credit.

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