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Rattlesnakes are really harmful, because sometimes snake bites can kill people. Actually, the most dangerous snake is called the Western Daimondback rattler.
They can be deadly. If you are bitten by one you should seek medical attention immediately. You should not panic. When you panic, your heart rate speeds up which makes your blood flow speed up and brings the poison to your heart much quicker.

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If left alone, rattlesnakes are very peaceful and beneficial to the environment. It is when man puts himself in danger by not using common sense and molests or tries to capture or kill these snakes that things can go drastically bad in a short time. Rattlesnakes help control populations of rodents that carry diseases and compete with man for food. They need to be respected and allowed their place in the environment.

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Q: How harmful are rattlesnakes?
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How can rattlesnakes be helpful and harmful?

Rattlesnakes are entirely beneficial as long as they are left alone. They consume large numbers of rodents which can carry diseases harmful to humans and they damage or destroy human food and crops. If you mess with rattlesnakes, however, you could end up in the hospital for several days being treated for a venomous snakebite.

What are rattlesnakes called in the desert?

Rattlesnakes are called rattlesnakes in the desert and elsewhere.

What is the plural noun of rattlesnakes?

Rattlesnakes is already plural. The plural of rattlesnake is rattlesnakes.

Are there rattlesnakes in Scotland?

There are no rattlesnakes in Scotland.

Why do rattlesnakes have eyelashes?

Rattlesnakes do not have eyelashes.

Can rattlesnakes swim?

Yes, rattlesnakes can swim.

Are there rattlesnakes in Utah?

Yes, there are rattlesnakes in Utah.

Who are not enemies of rattlesnakes?

nobody, rattlesnakes are solitary

Do diamondback rattlesnakes migrate?

No, rattlesnakes do not migrate.

Are rattlesnakes reptile?

Yes, rattlesnakes are reptiles.

Are rattlesnakes omnivores or carnivores?

Rattlesnakes are carnivores.

What kind of animal are rattlesnakes?

Rattlesnakes are reptiles.

Do rattlesnakes play with other rattlesnakes?

no if they came in the same cage they would fight

What are male rattlesnakes called?

Male or female, rattlesnakes are rattlesnakes. They have no special sex-specific name.

Do rattlesnakes eat kingsnakes?

No, but kingsnakes will eat rattlesnakes.

Are rattlesnakes predators?

Rattlesnakes are both predators and prey.

Do rattlesnakes eat owls?

No, but owls eat rattlesnakes.

What are rattlesnakes classification?

Rattlesnakes are classified as pit vipers.

Are there rattlesnakes in Afghanistan?

No. Rattlesnakes are found only in the Americas.

Do rattlesnakes have scales?

Yes, rattlesnakes are reptiles and have scales.

What rattlesnake lives in a damp habitat?

Eastern diamondback rattlesnakes, pygmy rattlesnakes, timber rattlesnakes and tropical rattlesnakes live in more humid and damp areas.

Are there rattlesnakes in China?

No, rattlesnakes are found only in the Americas.

Do rattlesnakes live in africa?

No. Rattlesnakes are snakes of the Americas only.

Do rattlesnakes like to play with anything?

Rattlesnakes do not play with anything.

Why don't rattlesnakes have back bones?

Rattlesnakes do have backbones. They are vertebrates.