How harmful are rattlesnakes?

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2016-04-02 07:27:36

Rattlesnakes are really harmful, because sometimes snake bites

can kill people. Actually, the most dangerous snake is called the

Western Daimondback rattler.

They can be deadly. If you are bitten by one you should seek

medical attention immediately. You should not panic. When you

panic, your heart rate speeds up which makes your blood flow speed

up and brings the poison to your heart much quicker.

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2016-02-14 19:15:40

If left alone, rattlesnakes are very peaceful and beneficial to

the environment. It is when man puts himself in danger by not using

common sense and molests or tries to capture or kill these snakes

that things can go drastically bad in a short time. Rattlesnakes

help control populations of rodents that carry diseases and compete

with man for food. They need to be respected and allowed their

place in the environment.

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