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How has American fashion influenced the Australian fashion?

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August 28, 2011 9:56PM

they pretty much copied us they dress exactly the same but im not sure why, maybe its cuz we speak the same language good question though

things that make you go hhmmm.....

uuum, not really. you see, we depend on the season and dress accordingly. for instance, we australians dont dress the same all year round. in summer we would dress in shorter, cooler clothes, and in winter we would dress in long, warm clothes to keep us warmer. all they do is dress fashionably and copy celebritys.

^ Completely false. Americans tend to be more stylized than Australians. Australians prefer modern clothes that are sleek and actually resemble celebrity-style more than Americans. Americans like revamping old styles. Right now, 70's bell bottom jeans are really in in the US. Also, the US gets a lot colder in a lot of places so we do wear weather-appropriate clothes. I'm a citizen of both countries.