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How has Japan changed?

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Japan has changed a lot, since there is no more Shogunate anymore, they used to have death penalties including swaing the body in half and also boiling a person to death.

Plus back when there were samurais they could test out their katana (Japanese sword) on anyone that wasn't important, if they killed someone important or commited a very bad crime that would have to commit Seppuku which is a type of suicide when the stap them selves in the gut with their katana.

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How has Japan changed over the decades?

YES, JAPAN HAS CHANGED OVER THE YEARS because there is another government

What happened during the great change in japan?

jimmo changed japan

Japan-what changes have the people made to their environment?

they havent changed

How has paintball changed Japan?

Paintball has not significantly affected or is even known to be popular in Japan.

Has japan changed its name during its history?


How have other countries changed Japan?

With clothes and food

How did Japan change the world?

Japan changed the world in many many ways. The first, and most important, is the technology made in Japan

How was Pokemon made in Japan?

it started as pocket monsters in japan then when it got to the us it changed to pokemon. it still is pocket monsters in japan

How have people change the land of Japan?

Americans have changed japan by not giving japan the proper exports during world war II.

Name 3 ways US occupation changed Japan?

3 ways the US occupation changed Japan was:1. demilitarization2. a democratic government was created3. & will of the people was protected.

How has Japan changed from the samurai period to modern day Japan?

Japan has developed a democratic govermment, as opposed to a feudalistic government or a shogunate. The culture is different too.

How did people of Japan change the land?

People have changed the land of japan by: building cities, growing crops, and build harbors

How did japan change in the 1920s and 1930s?

One way that Japan changed in the 1920's and 1030's was rapid industrialization.

What event changed the war in Japan?

The nuclear bombs on Hiroshima and Nagasaki.

What political changed did Japan had when they were isolated during the edo period?

when apan was isolated, they beacame more of a democratic government...roles changed.

Did China or Japan make Pokemon?

Japan made Pokemon. Pocket Monsters was the original name of Pokemon in Japan, but was later changed to Pokemon. Nintendo currently owns Pokemon.

Which country changed sides in world war 2?


How have the Japanese people changed japan?

with their honorable culture, dedication, and working hard

How did commodor perry change history?

The landing of Commodore Perry in Japan is said to have "opened" Japan to the modern industrial world. History was changed in that a new economic and military power in Japan emerged.

How are laws made and changed in japan?

thay vote just like thay do in America

How did the atomic bomb affect people and the culture?

Japan had the government caring for the individual. After the bomb, the politic changed. Now Japan looks and care for the community.

In what ways have people changed the environment in japan?

they have changed it by the poluting in the rivers being put in to a stop go to or google to get more fresh information.

What were the effects of the March 11 2011 earthquake in Japan?

-japan is closer to u.s. -changed balance of planet. -made japan 13 ft. wider. -made days shorter by a couple millionths of a second.

What is the capital of japan today?

Tokyo, It used to be Kyoto a long time ago but now it changed

Did the equator shift as a result of the Japan earthquake?

The Earth's AXIS changed 10cm after the tragic earthquake