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It deteriorates gradually from the moment Macbeth murders the grooms.

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Who is responsible for Macbeths fate?

im sure its lady macbeths

What plan does Macbeths not reveal to lady Macbeths?

Macbeth does not reveal his plan to kill Banquo and Fleance (Banquo's son) to Lady Macbeth.

What do Macbeths and lady Macbeths bloody hands symbolize?

The bloody hands of Macbeth and Lady Macbeth symbolize their guilt for the murders that they have committed.

What was lady Macbeths condition before her death?

Lady Macbeth was suffering from extreme guilt of the act of murder against Duncan. She was confessing to the crime in her sleep. The guilt was eating away at her until she committed suicide.

Did Lady Macbeth has command that light should be by her continually?

Yes. She kept a candle by her side as her mental health deteriorated after the murders. She took this candle with her whilst sleep walking.

Do Macbeth and Lady Macbeth plan to murder the King?

yes but it is lady macbeths idea and she persuades her husband

Who was Macbeths wife?

Macbeths wife was lady macbeth, played by Izerbel ashmore of 10cr2. Greig (macbeth) dearly loves his darling wife (izzie).

Does Macbeth creep into lady macbeths bedroom?

No he doesn't, not in the play at any rate.

What was lady macbeths job?

Killer of the Lord Of Qualians i the ancient 40's

What is macbeths reaction to lady macbeths death?

He barely reacts. Now, he has descended so far into evil that he barely feels any emotions at all anymore.

What is Lady MacBeths advice to her husband?

Look like the innocent flower, but be the serpent under it.

What are lady macbeths symptoms when they say she is not well?

When the Waiting-Gentlewoman asks the Doctor to watch Lady Macbeth, she reports that Lady Macbeth has become a habitual sleepwalker.

What is lady macbeths plan to kill the king?

Get the guards drunk, stab the king, frame the guards.

How has king shown his affections for Macbeth and Lady Macbeth?

Duncan shows his affection for the Macbeths by giving them gifts. In particular he gives Lady M a jewel.

How does lady Macbeth receive macbeths letter?

"Thy letters have transported me!" Sounds like she was pretty excited by it.

How does Lady Macbeth contribute macbeths demise?

She causes it. He would never have murdered Duncan if she hadn't pushed him to it.

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