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Martin Luther King changed the world because he fought for black right. Now blacks can vote, they can sit were ever they wish to sit, they can eat in every store, and they can go to better schools.

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What headings would you use in a Martin Luther King project?

Martin Luther King- A Person Who Changed The Whole World

Who was Martin Luther King's father?

His Fathers name is martin Luther king Sr but first his name was mike king but then he changed his name to martin Luther king Sr and also changed mike king Jr to martin Luther king Jr

How old was Martin Luther King when he changed his name?

Martin Luther King was 15 years old when changed his name from Micheal to Martin.

How did martin luther king jr changed the world?

He changed the world by giving African Americans there rights.

Why did Martin Luthers father change the name of Martin Luther?

Martin Luther is the creator of Lutheranism. Martin Luther King was named after Martin Luther. Martin Luther King Jr. was named after his father, Martin Luther King. Nobody's name was changed.

What was Martin Luther King Jr's name when he was born?

martin Luther King Jr was born Michael Luther King Jr but later changed his name to martin.Michael King Jr. the name Martin Luther King Jr. was born with. His father andand he changed their names to Martin Luther after the the famous Martin Luther ofthe Roman Catholic Church in the 1500's.

Who is Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.?

somebody who sort of changed the world

What is Martin Luther Kings full name?

martin Luther king junior is his full birth name.

How did Martin Luther King jr accomplishments change the world?

not all of martin Luther king jr dream has come true but what has changed is that blacks and whites are treated equally

What happened to racism after Martin Luther King died?

everyone realised that there was no difference between black or white and that they could treat everyone the same. Martin Luther King changed the world!

Why did Martin Luther King Jr change his name?

In due course his father, Martin Luther King Sr. changed both of their names to Martin to honor the German Protestant, Martin Luther.

How do you know that martin Luther king was important?

you know because he changed the world by eliminating racism

What Holidays were changed to make Martin Luther King Jr. a holiday?

Martin Luther King Jr. is not a holiday but a person.

How would the world be if Martin Luther King and Rosa parks had never did what they did?

Eventually, someone would have stood up for themselves and demanded freedom. But all changed when Martin Luther King Jr. told his "I have a dream" speech. He changed the world with those words.

Why was martin luther king an important figure?

Beacause he changed the diference between black and white, and changed the world bruv.

Was Martin Luther King a good Christian and why?

Martin Luther king was a good christian. He changed the world and made it easier for us Americans so we can get along, and make friends with all races.

Why did Martin Luther King Jr want to change the world?

why did martin luther king jr. want to change the world?

Why did Martin Luther King change his name from Michael?

Dr Martin Luther King Changed his Name from Michael Luther king because he was picked on at school.....AND because he did not feel comfortable with his name as Michael Luther king

Is Martin Luther King jr related to Martin Luther King?

Martin Luther king was Martin Luther king Jr's. dad

Is Martin Luther King the same person as Martin Luther King jr?

Martin Luther King is not the same person as Martin Luther King Jr. Martin Luther King Jr. was Martin Luther King's son.

What was martin luther kings dads name?

Martin Luther King, Jr.â??s father was named Martin Luther King, Sr. He was born Michael King, but changed his name, as well as his sonâ??s name.

Is Martin Luther King Jr known around the world?

Yes, Martin Luther King, Jr. is known around the world.

What is the direrence between Martin Luther King and Martin Luther King Junior?

Martin Luther King is the father of Martin Luther king Jr.

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