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hopefully the link below will help you out a little: if not let me know

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Who developed the farming method of terracing?

Axumites developed the farming method of terracing

How much time passed between the time when farming began and when cities developed along the Tigris and Euphrates?

15,000 years

What was the kind of farming that developed in the South at the end of the Civil War?

tenant farming

Developed the farming method of terracing?


A method of farming developed in Utah and used throughout the Great Plains in the 19th century was?

Dry Farming was developed in Utah and used throughout the Great Plains.

What types of farming have been developed to prevent wind erosion in the Great Plains?

agricultural farming

Why aquaculture is not developed?

Farming, civilization, and human zoo's ;)

How has the new stone age developed?

when farming was discover

Why did farming develop in Mesopotamia?

Farming developed in Mesopotamia because God has a plan for those people and place.

What does substance farming mean?

SubSISTENCE farming is what you were looking for.This termmeans the production of foodmainly for use by the farmer's ownfamily. In less-developed countries,subsistence farming is often one ofthe main economic activities. Incontrast, in developed countriesthere is little subsistence farming.-kev

What did England's economy experience as a result of new farming techniques that developed in the agricultural revolution?

a decrease in commercial farming

What special farming methods were developed by the incas and the aztecs?


What is the date farming developed in Mexico?

8000-2000 BC

Why was tenant farming also known as sharecropping developed?


Where did people develop terrace farming?

Terraced farming was developed by the peoples of the south-central Andes before 1000 AD

What are the reasons why cities developed after the civil war?

the reason cities developed is that they wanted better land and richer farming

The type of agriculture developed by farmers on the Great Plains was?

Dry Farming

About 36 percent of the land in Latin America has been developed for?


Why did civilization develop in the Fertile Crescent?

The soil that developed there was good for farming.

What was The kind of farming developed in the south at the end of the civil war was?


What was the name of the early farming villages that developed in Asia?

slash and burn

Who developed new crops and farming methods in the early 1900s?


On what natural resources was the New England economy basedand the southern economy what industries developed?

they developed an economy based on farming

How did farming change between 1701 and 1850?

Farming developed between 1701 and 1850 due to the invention of farming machines such as the horse-powered seed drill and the horse-drawn hoe.

What was the farming technique first developed by the Mormons in Utah which relied on using the moisture already in the ground and the use of dust mulch?

Dry Farming

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