How has globalization changed people's lives?

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Pre-1900s, a "community" had more well-defined boundaries and many people rarely went far beyond those bounds. Some families/individuals left those communities during periods of inter-country migrations (emigration), as far back as the beginning of the USA history as people continually moved inland. The 1849 gold rush formed one of the biggest westward migrations. Through the 1900s, even when people did not physically move, the advent of radio and then television began a degree of globalization that allowed cultures to witness the lives of others. With more and more technology (airplanes, computers), we now not only witness other people and their lives but interact with other people as well. Just 30 years ago, grandparents never dreamed that one day people could instantly communicate with another person who lives across the world. Now, we can more easily send a message via E-mail and can instantly connect via land phone or mobile phone to almost anywhere and anyone in the world. This is such a far cry from the life in the 1800s and early 1900s (just 100 years ago) when people communicated through telegrams that had to be delivered by a person to someone's house or business, or when making a call into another State or even down the street meant ringing up an "Operator" who would manually "connect" calls through a massive switching board (a switchboard). Almost unheard-of now are "party lines" in which numerous households shared the same "line" but each home was assigned a different number of "rings" so that each home would know whether the call was for them or for another house.
But, globalization also means that within hours any person can spread major illnesses or disease, or introduce illnesses in places that have not yet built immunity to a certain pathogen. For example, in the 1920s, tuberculosis patients were routinely placed in "TB hospitals/sanitoriums" to keep them away from healthy persons. Now, someone may not even know they have been exposed to TB and can get on a plane, thus exposing hundreds of unsuspecting people to the illness. Global transportation also means that certain species of insects or animals have accidentally hitched rides via boats or airplanes into new countries that have no natural predators against these new "visitors". Governments have outlined the types of foods or products that can be brought back into a home country from foreign lands -- for example, some fruits grown in other countries carry insects native to the other country but that could wipe out crops in a different country.
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How were people's lives changed by the cold war?

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The most severe effect that climate change will have on people's lives are rising sea levels and more severe weather due to the increased temperatures and glacial melt. certain places have many different climates. for example the Sahara dessert has very harsh, dry climates, while a tropical rainf ( Full Answer )

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The civil war did a great deal of changing many peoples lives. Most men were drafted because of the Consciption Act and many women were left to do the work around the house. Some women did fight in diguse and there were many spies as well.

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ITS HOT!. also, It kills off crops by the thousands of acres, It causes fires that are not possible to control, It dries up lakes and streems,. Pretty much, Imagine the hottest day you can remember, That is how the 'earth' feels if the temeprature is raised by 3% for an entire year. It will be dev ( Full Answer )

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I think Automobiles have changed people's lives so people could get around easier and faster instead of walking where they need to go. If it's snowing then instead of walking in the cold, you could drive and turn on the heating system so you don't freeze. Even if you're bored, you could listen to th ( Full Answer )

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Farming started about the 12 or 13th century B.C. As they learned to dig in the soil and place seeds in the ground which helped tihem produce much more food in one place Now it was not as important form them to be nomadic. They could store up extra food in one place and so they could also make livin ( Full Answer )

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The automobile effected the lives of Americans in the four major ways:. 1- Greater mobility: People could live farther away from their jobs and families. This opened up a world of opportunities for Americans who lived close to their childhood homes or jobs because they knew they would have a diffic ( Full Answer )

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Radio's biggest influence was the ability to disseminate vast amounts of information in real time. No longer did people have to wait for the newspaper. Sports could be listened to real time instead of having to rely on box scores a day or more later. And other than the initial cost of the radio, the ( Full Answer )

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Going on hajj changes many lives of muslims, this is because they have released their sins and cleansed their sloes, they have also shown respect to god, and they have gained a better chance of getting a place in heaven when they die.

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Once the Black Death had ended it changed peoples views in religion massively. This was mainly because the origin of the Black Death was believed to be sent by God as a punsihment for sin. And after the death of so many thousands of people it was questioned if Christianity was a reliable religion. ( Full Answer )

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up for debate, but he fought in the revolutionary war becoming a forefather for the United States of America changing the lives of slaves, serfs of Britain, and other immigrants that traveled to said country

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technology has changed peoples live by making them more simple and faster. for example people had to write letters instead of using e-mail. Here is an example, just think about what you did to ask that question. You will figure it out.

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War will provide only untold agony to people who are affected by it as people die from injuries afflicted from weapons. Wars create problems between countries not solve them.. If two opposing forces opt for a change in one particular matter and does not decide to bulge no matter the reason. The onl ( Full Answer )

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However, it is fair to say that transportation did evolve in the Americas and that it did have an impact on most of the culture. Say for instance you look at food. There was a time when food was mostly locally produced. As transportation improved (that is being faster, and able to carried greater am ( Full Answer )

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There are many different ways that the computer changed the lives of people. Some people might say that it changed the world because now people can communicate with other people much more easily than writing a letter to them and having them write back to you. But the real information, according to t ( Full Answer )

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Many inventions have been labor-saving devices like the clothes washing machine. This in particular has changed people's lives for the better. Without a washing machine clothes have to be washed slowly and tediously by hand, then rinsed, then wrung out by hand, before drying. Truly a great invention ( Full Answer )

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it change there lives because they killed any one if they were blacks they will be mad because they knew they will get jods taken blacks were like animals to them by erick villafranco

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it changed people lives, because if there's a certain thing you have to do a computer is like all u need. because it has every and anything you would expect from it. for instance, access to Internet ,messaging, games, dictionary, drawing everything actually.

How did the stethoscope change people's lives?

For one, it saved many lives. Before the use of stethoscope doctorsweren't as accurate in pronouncing some people as dead, so somepeople got buried while they were still alive.

How has winning the lottery changed people's lives?

Some People Get careless of there money and think there totally rich. Later there left with 10% of there profit. Dont over think yourself if you win the lotto one day. Always handle your money the same no matter what. Its ok if you do buy some expensive things

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the banner is a symboy and it changed their lives because of what it represents. it represents freedom and their country. It gave hope to the ppl.

How did the steam locomotive change people's lives?

In MANY ways. First, it became possible to move mass quantities of stuff like grain or fruit quickly and inexpensively from one place to another. For example, shipping food from the farms where it is grown to the cities where it is consumed. As a side note, railroads first shortened, and then elimi ( Full Answer )

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it changed our lives today because we can easily make toast. it doesn't have a huge effect on us, but it sure does make a tasty breakfasts easer. sam, s

How did the cup noodles changed people's live?

Well, the cup noodle was invented in 1876, which was proven that only caucasian people could make, so the slaves were deemed useless because at the time cup noodles were a phenomenon. This is the reason the slaves were released and had a huge affect on history.

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an obvious answer is always remaining!! submergin and gradual loss of billions of crores of dollars + loss of thousands of kilometres of land to mother sea within a couple of decades.... especially in low lying countries like Maldives , Tuvalu ,Micronesia and Nauru to be affected the most.. there ( Full Answer )

How does global warming make people's lives easier?

It may make life warmer for some living in very cold climates, and some areas will be able to grow more crops. But many of the present farm lands may become unusable. Droughts as well as floods may make people's lives much more difficult.

How art changed people's lives?

Art has changed people's lives because in early history it has shocked people of how well he made a copy of himself.

How will global warming change your lives?

If we can't produce enough renewable energy (solar, wind, water,hydro, tidal and wave, geothermal, ocean thermal, biomass, biofueland hydrogen) quickly we maybe have to use much less electricity.We may have to live more simply, eat more local food, stop flyingaround the world, and read books instead ( Full Answer )

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Laws is a advanced way of saying "Rules", lets start from the beginning when Human settled down and so, there should be rules for not making the mistakes, For example: Your tribe has a cave with bears nearby, and you should have a Law or rule about not entering the cave right? If you are an ad ( Full Answer )

What changs did Julius Caesar do on people's lives?

Julius Caesar carried out reforms which helped the poor. He was a popularis. The populares were a political faction which championed the cause of the poor and wanted to reforms which helped the poor. They had been opposed by the optimates, a conservative political faction which favoured the aristocr ( Full Answer )

How did traffic light change people's lives?

It changed lives as the death toll dropped, as the number of cars increased there had to be a effect method of controlling the roads. This is when traffic lights were implemented. They slow down your day for a minute. But, they save your life a thousand times. Without them the roads would be havoc.

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Air transportation sped up the delivery of goods and services. It also made the world a smaller place, thanks to aviation people can now travel vast distances quickly and reliably.