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It has radically reduced the emmissions given off from automobiles. Too bad the big vehicles aren't as closely scrutinized yet.

It is absolutly amazing. From a seminar recently, I understand that leaving the fuel cap off will release more hydrocarbons than from the exhaust out the tail pipe.

With the addition of flex fuel, electric, propane, hydrogen, bio-diesel, and Hybrid cars the outlook is better.

I have found that since the advent of OBDII the number of problems that can occur is astronomicle. I have a pre-OBDII and an OBDII vehicles,and by comparison (Both being Fords) the OBDII has suffered more problems (From very low MPG to extremely bad performance issues not able to be corrected by Ford engineers themselves). At any given time the dealerships claim it is in the computer program to which they can not change(Poor MAF sensor performance,Timing issues)they just don't seem very knowledgeable about what they are doing or care about the matter (You already bought it tough luck is the usual answer).But their resolve to the delema was to go online and purchase a chip for socket J2 on the computer,I asked if the vehicle does not get 21M.P.G. like the manufacturer states than to me there must be a problem. After the techs laughed they stated that there is no possible way for that vehicle with that program to attain that fuel economy.It was stated that 18 M.P.G was the best I'd ever see. Not accepting this from Ford I set out on a little adventure, and discovered their big flaw. It was the catalytic converters, and by having four of them would be a strain on any engine. So we decided to test our theory,and removed the larger segments of converters (2 of them). Created a filler pipe to cover the distance, and re-inserted the O2 sensor as to not throw a code. Discovery was the fuel economy went from 18 M.P.G. to 26 M.P.G. This was a very large jump in fuel economy. To test this out I had to do it several times on over the road tests, and the results came out to within a few tenths of a M.P.G. of each other. So, in removing the technology and applying some old fashioned know how we were able to make the vehicle perform better and be more economical than the manufacturer could. (And by the way Ford blames the E.P.A. for their bad designs). JIM

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Q: How has technology affected car pollution?
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