How has technology changed fashion?

In the most recent history, there hasn't been a more significant impact on fashion than technology. Technology affects all aspects of fashion, whether that effects us, as consumers, or not. First of all, it effects the production of garments. From the conceptualizing, designing, and creating; these are all impacted by technology. Due to innovation, fashion is rapidly becoming more and more consumerist. Clothing is developed in mass consumption expectation: manufacturing facilities. No longer are mothers sitting at home, hand sewing that child's dress, everything is made in large factories, often in third-world countries. Secondly, it affects the fashion merchandising: buying. Buyers and sellers are forced to work in rapid, high paced businesses that allow the garments to be distributed to the consumer as fast as possible. Technology has most obviously improved communication, and therefore, the buying of fashion has become a "first come, first serve" mentality. Lastly, technology effects the way we, as consumers, purchase the garments. Online shopping is becoming more and more common due to convenience in our fast paced lives.