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How has technology changed in Scuba diving?


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August 15, 2008 4:32PM

In the basics like masks, fins, and snorkel it has changed very little.

In breathing apparatus it has changed significantly. The largest change has been the move from two hose regulators to single hose. The adoption of Diaphragm and environmentally sealed regulators is another big technological leap.

Dive computers which compute the no decompression time for dives was another large step.. Previously, and admittedly still today, many people used precalculated tables which limited the time of the dive. For example if the deepest part of the dive was to 100 feet the tables said you could only be there 8 minutes before having decompression stops. Today with a computer doing the math on-the-fly it is possible to have a dive X minutes longer and still swim around at shallower depths.

Submersible pressure gauges are another big advancement. Earlier divers used a "k" valve which would close when most of the air was gone. You could open it again and then breathe the last of the air as you surfaced. Now a diver always knows how much air is in their tank. The Boyancy Control Device or BCD is another advancment. By wearing a vest that could be filled with air a diver could float neutrally bouyant in the water.