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In too many ways to list. Both good and bad. I will list a few below. You may want to research them or pick new ones to research. 1.) Apollo moon landing. The greatest achievement of humans. 2.) Involvement in WWII - The USA changed the outcome of the war. 3.) WWI involvement. 4.) Cold War with Russia(USSR). This one involves both countries. The cold war was scary and could have ended the world. However, the cold war itself helped the world by forcing both superpowers to research and create new technology that changed the world. Ex. Space race and moon landing. 5.) Funding. The USA funds many projects to better countries all around the globe. However, because of misuse of funds and funding the wrong groups this one might fall into the bad category or maybe the good. Who really knows. Take feeding the North Koreans. It is a great idea not to let people go hungry, but many people see it as helping the nasty/crazy leader of N. Korea remain in power. And one day he might use his newly gained nuclear weapons to kill more people that would have died from hunger. Who knows what the right way to deal with this leader is. I know if the name of his country was Iraq we would already be invading. Like I said there are many more items. Have Fun, Chris.

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Q: How has the United States shaped world events in the twentieth century?
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