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How has the equipment of soccer evolved?

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first they didn't have any eqipment. now they do cuz they know people will get hurt................. i take dat back...... they used to have armor from fighting-romans

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How has soccer equipment evolved since 1863?

Soccer equipment has evolved a lot since 1863. The balls are now lighter and come in various sizes. The shin guards are lighter and fit better than they did in 1863.

How has soccer evolved since the 1800s?

Soccer has evolved in a number of ways since the 1800's. There are a great many more rules to soccer now than back then for example.

How did American football grow?

It is said that football evolved from rugby and rugby evolved from soccer

What equipment do you need for indoor soccer?

Field equipment needed for an indoor soccer match includes 2 soccer goals and a soccer ball. Player equipment includes indoor soccer cleats, clothing (soccer socks, shorts, jersey), and shin guards. You should never play soccer without shin guards.

What do some consider to be the most important soccer equipment?

cleats, shinguards, socks, uniform, ball, goals, and refs. (Refs in soccer our considered soccer equipment.)

How has soccer evolved?

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What are the basic equipment in playing soccer?

2 goals and a soccer ball.EASY

What kind of soccer equipment?

There are mainly 2 kinds of soccer equipment - Player Equipment and Field Equipment. Player equipment consists of kit,boots and shin pads. Field equipment consists of the net, the goal posts, the markings, the grass, the flags etc.

How has safety equipment in sports evolved?

from rugby to football

What kind of equipment do i need for a soccer match?

Cleats, shinguards, soccer ball.

What are some names of soccer equipment?


How expensive is soccer equipment?

Soccer equipments include Soccer nets, Soccer balls, field accessories, Coach equipments, Referee equipments, player equipments etc. The specific Cost of a Soccer Equipment is hard to determine because it all depends on the brand of the Equipment that you pick. So, obviously, every brand will quote a different price. Check out the below mentioned link for more details on the Soccer equipments.

What equipment do you need in soccer?

Soccer ball, a reasnobly even ground, soccer studs and balls to take the lunges and tackles.

What country was soccer made in?

The origins may be in China, but modern soccer evolved in England, but mostly, Albania and italyEngland

What equipment is needed for high school soccer?

you would need soccer balls, and uniforms. also a field!

David has gave his soccer eqipment to Jason and i is this write sentence?

David gave his soccer equipment to Jason and I .

What equipment do soccar players need to play?

Soccer ball, soccer cleats, shin gaurds, soccer socks. A field and a net too.

What is the training equipment for soccer?

You dont need to go out in the store to buy them. you can use anything! If you want to get serious with training you might want to get soccer balls, cones, and if you look in some eurosport magazines they have equipment for soccer that are really useful.

How has soccer been changed since it was invented?

Soccer has evolved a lot from when it was first invented. One way it has changed is that when soccer was first invented, there was not a system of yellow and red cards.

What is a good topic sentence for one piece of equipment needed for soccer is shin guard?

There are many peices of equipment needed in soccer but one of the most important ones has to be shinguards.

Where can you find soccer equipment?

One can find soccer equipment at specialized sporting goods stores such as Hibbet Sports and Sports Authority, or at retail stores such as Walmart, Kmart, and Target.

Modern soccer evolved from what popular sport?

Quite the contrary. Most popular team sports today evolved from soccer, not the other way around. This includes American football. That is how our nations most popular sport got it's name. It started as football (soccer) which is the common term around the world. Soccer can be traced to the year 200 AD in China.

Tools and equipment that are use in soccer w drawings?


What is a good topic sentence about soccer?

Here are some Topic sentences about soccer: - The origin of soccer - Records ( ex: hardest kick recorded) - The rules of soccer - Soccer equipment - What a good soccer player needs

What is rugby in soccer?

Rugby is nothing in soccer. Rugby and soccer both shared a common ancestry, from which soccer evolved into a sport with less body contact., but more gentlemanly conduct (the ancestor of the now-called sporting behavior).