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The Mexican Fruit Fly attaches itself to fruit such as grapefruit, and deposits its eggs, destroying the fruit for consumption. They are long living and produce enormous numbers of offspring. Infestations are not controlled easily.

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What event prompted Spain to negotiate the sale of Florida to the US?

Native Americans raided US territory and then retreated into Florida. The US subsequently invaded and basically forced Spain to sell.

What ecosystem does kinnikinnick native to?

its native to Washington

Are pigs native to Florida?

yes they are native to Florida

Is the red fox native to Florida?

it depends what partof Florida your talking about. If it's in the south part of Florida, then no. It is not native to Florida except the panhandle located at the northwestern part of Florida. So the answer is yes. it is native to Florida.

Who invaded the native American Indians?


What animals are native to Florida?

Horses, alligators , manatees are all native to Florida.

Are manatee native to florida?

Yes, some species of manatee are native to Florida.

What was the disease impacted native Americans populations in the 1500s and the 1800s?

The Native Americans were impacted by many illnesses that came from the new settlers. In the 1500's and 1800's the Native population was affected by smallpox for which they had no immunity.

Who are non-native animals not allowed on Antarctica?

Allowing non-native or invasive species into an ecosystem has the potential to harm or destroy the ecosystem.

Are American alligators native to Florida?

They are not just native to Florida, but includes Texas and the Carolinas.

Three types of native mammals that live in Florida?

Grey foxes are native to Florida, as well as much of the US. Red wolves were native to Florida, although they have been extinct in the wild since 1980. Bobcats are also native to Florida.

Who introduced the Florida panther?

the Florida panther is native to Florida

Are kookaburras native to Florida?

No they are native to Australia

Are there kangeroos in Florida?

Kangaroos are not native to Florida.

Why are native species vital to the ecosystem?


What food is native to Florida?

I know that they have a specific style of cooking called floribbean that is a combination of native Florida and native carribbean foods. I know that they have a specific style of cooking called floribbean that is a combination of native Florida and native carribbean foods.

Which Native American tribe is found in Florida?

The Seminole is the largest tribe of Native Americans in Florida.

Three native reptiles that live in Florida?

One of the three native reptiles that live in Florida is the gecko. The other two native reptiles that live in Florida are the alligator and crocodile.

What are five invertebrates native to Florida?

Several invertebrates are native to Florida. Five of those invertebrates native to Florida are jellyfish, snails, Christmas tree worms, dragonflies, and sponges.

What are the 3 native birds in Florida?

3 Birds native to Florida are;Mississippi Kite.Florida Scrub Jay.Mocking Bird.

What was the least impacted by the Huns?

Native Americans. They were on a different continent.

Are there any kangaroos in Florida?

No. Kangaroos are not native to Florida.

What are Florida native animals that live in Florida?


What horse breed is native to Florida?

Florida Cracker

Are panthers one of the native animals in Florida?

The Florida panther is a native animal to the state of Florida. However, they are endangered. The main threat to the Florida panther is the loss of habitat.