How has the invention of ipod changed the world?

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They help in education. Children learn from hearing, but usually tapes that are supposed to teach lose their focus. Cute songs and rhymes can be recorded and downloaded onto their iPods so they could listen to it on a regular basis and won't forget.
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How does the invention of the telephone have change the world today?

the telephone was answered by tyler from bridgeport and that changed everything. Before the invention of the telephone you had to send a letter, the delivery could take weeks to get to his destiny. Now with the invention of the telephone you can just call that person and communicate with him or her. ( Full Answer )

How did the invention of the cell phone change the world?

The cell phone made it easier to communicate. Phones with wires became too cumbersome. Wireless phones became the talk of the town. Corny joke, huh? Anyway, it's hard to find anyone on the street without a cell phone! So many have one that no one can be left out of the fun and convenience! In add ( Full Answer )

How did henry ford's invention change the world?

Henry Fords' invention of the assembly line changed the world for these reasons: 1. he made the production of assembling cars faster. 2. he opened the eyes to creators in the world. 3. he gave jobs to poorer/less skilled people. 4. he gave cars to poorer people by making them cheaper by them ( Full Answer )

Who is iPod invented it?

if your asking WHO invented the ipod than i think it's: John Lennon. im not quite sure, you might want to check that.

How did Galileo's inventions change the world?

Well, Galileo improved the telescope by playing around with two pieces of glass, which made the telescope. The telescope revised Copernicus' ideas by studying the heliocentric theory.

How did Fred Jones inventions change the world?

Fred Jones' inventions greatly impacted the lives of people around the world by making providing cost-cutting ways to transport fresh food in air-conditioned trucks. Had it not been for his ingenuity, we may still today be limited to eating only meat and dairy that is in close vicinity to where we l ( Full Answer )

How did the invention of the pencil change the world?

Pencils changed the world by allowing people all over the world to write and draw....Wikipedia is dumb i just changed this persons answer. so did i. it allso gave us a way to communicate with other people accross the world before the cpu

How did ipods change the world?

I pods changed the world because now you won't have to spend money on a whole album to get that one favriot song, or have to lugg around a case of CDs to put your player on shuffle. I pods also provide emotional support to those that don't have anyone to talk to, they can just listen to music and av ( Full Answer )

How did Nikola Tesla's Invention change the world?

Tesla arrived in the United States in 1884, at the age of 28, and by 1887 had filed for a series of patents that described everything necessary to generate electricity using alternating current, or AC. This is used in homes and builduings. Tesla's coil patented in 1891, is the basis of today's wirel ( Full Answer )

How did the iPod change the world?

well it changed technology by like okay the only way was to create a devise that could help put so many files on the ipod or any type of digital player or digital devise and then have all your songs and photos and videos and if you think about it because of what tony Fadell invented all of that kind ( Full Answer )

How did the invention of the revolver change the world?

For the beginning of the Revolver used first in areas for a sidearm in hunting it eventually became the icon for wild-west movies. The first revolver was known as a wheel-lock revolver and was made in 1590 for Germany. It was later patented by Elisha Collier in Britain to be used as a common weapon ( Full Answer )

How did Einstein's invention change the world?

Einstein is one of the most distinctive scientists in humanhistory. His ideas paved the way for inventions such as thetelevision, which dramatically changed the world.

How did the invention of the robot change the world?

The invention of robots changed the world because instead of humans having to perform difficult tasks, you could program a robot to do it. Plus, robots have great precision so when they do a task repetitively they will develop better accuracy than a human. They also make life a lot safer for people ( Full Answer )

Did the invention of the umbrella change the world?

Pizza makes me happy. So do cucumbers. And yes. Umbrellas did. Think about what life would be like without them. Did you figure the answer out? Yes, they did change the world. The only reason I'm not giving you a complete explanation is because your question is really just a yes or no question. So t ( Full Answer )

Who invented the printing press how did this invention change the world?

Johan Gutenberg is usually accredited with the invention of the printing press. However, Korean movable type has been discovered as early as 900 AD, predating Johan's "invention" by more than a 500 years. Benedict Anderson has discussed the invention of the printing press making books widely availa ( Full Answer )

How did Harvey Firestone's inventions change the world?

Harvey Firestone Inventions change the world. he made tires so that means we got tires for cars so we can drive it change the world because now we can rive to different places i different countries or different state in or out of the USA

How did Francis Bacon change the world with his invention?

Francis Bacon invented the Scientific Method, that means he made steps on how to execute the perfect science experiment, by having a hypothenuse, process and observations and other steps (look them up) he made scientist really think hard about their work, and he made sure that the scientist showed l ( Full Answer )

How did the invention of antibiotics change the world?

Not only could antibiotics cure various bacterial fevers and othermaladies, but they enabled doctors to perform surgeries thatotherwise would be considered too dangerous because of the threatof infection. One example would be the C-sections (Caesareandeliveries) that are now routinely performed on w ( Full Answer )

How did scientist invention the telescope changes the world?

despite all of the things it changed the world so much, well, to be honest the only thing it changed was outer space like the moon and stars... instead of using you hands as a telescope just use a proper telescope.

How did the iPod nano change the world?

the ipod nano changed the way people think of the world because it gave them a device they could take anywere to listen to music

How did inventions change the world?

Inventions cause society to adopt new ways of doing things, while ending some occupations and creating new ones. Whether agricultural, mechanical, chemical, or electrical, inventions that make things easier or faster will result in greater productivity or commerce. The world economy is based on prod ( Full Answer )

How did the invention of the telephone change the world today?

Without the invention of the telephone the way of people communicating would change drastically. If the telephone wasnt invented airplanes would not be able to communicate, there would be no cell phones =( and almost all types of voice communication would be impossible for a long time. sad i know =' ( Full Answer )

How was the world changed because of the invention of the mace?

Well.... It allows joggers to have a personal, non-cumbersome defensive spray against animals, and, in a few cases, people. It has probably saved quite a few lives, when put along with bear mace (which is estimated to save over 50 people a year), It hasn't really changed the world.... Its only chang ( Full Answer )

How did the invention of coins change the world?

The invention of coins didn't really change much. The invention of currency however changed everything. Wars have been fought due to it and it has provided a world wide basis for trade. Before when you traded items for each other it could turn into an arguament how much they were worth. Now an ite ( Full Answer )

Why did Ruth Handler's invention change the world?

Ruth Handler (1916-2002) was one of the creators of the Barbie doll. The doll was the most popular of the interchangeable fashion dolls of the 20th century, creating a popular trend of teen dolls rather than infant ones.

What invention change the world?

\n. \n. There are many inventions that changed the world. \n. \n. For example, the telephone helped increase communication. \n. \n. The computer also changed the world because it can store information and you can access the internet. \n. \n. It also increased communication with e-mail.

How did Einsteins inventions change the world?

Although Albert Einsteins was credited with many achievements, theywere not items that were invented. However, in 1926 Albert Einstein and Leo Szilárd invented theEinstein Refrigerator, a new design for an absorption refrigerator,and received a patent for it. The absorption refrigerator did notus ( Full Answer )