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This answer could be an essay. It could go in a lot of different directions.

The short answer is that the media's portrayal has a huge impact on how sports stars (or any celebrity or public figure in the media) are perceived by the public. In most cases, the only information you get about someone is through the media. Unless you know the star personally, that is almost certainly the case. Therefore, public perception of these figures is 100% influenced by the media.

Of course, "the media" is not one monolithic entity. There is competition in the media just like in other areas, at least in a free society.

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Who won an Oscar for her portrayal of Virgina Woolf in the 2002 film The Hours?

Nicole Kidman won the 2002 Best Actress Oscar for her portrayal of the British writer in "The Hours."

Who are the richest British footballer?

It is david Beckham and christiano Ronaldo.

Who is Harry Beckham?

Harry Beckham is an English soccer player. He is the youngest sibling and brother to British soccer star David Beckham. Harry was born Henry Harold Charles Beckham on November 1, 1984 in London to David's parents Ted and Sandra Beckham.

What is David Beckham's nationality?

David Beckham was born in England he is a BritishCitizen.

Who won the Oscar for Best Actress in 1992?

Emma Thompson for Howards End.The Academy Award for Best Actress of 1992 went to Emma Thompson for her portrayal of British protagonist Margaret Schlegel in "Howard's End."The Academy Award for Best Actress of 1992 went to Emma Thompson for her portrayal of British protagonist Margaret Schlegel in "Howard's End."Emma Thompson for "Howard's End."The Academy Award for Best Actress of 1992 went to Emma Thompson for her portrayal of British protagonist Margaret Schlegel in "Howard's End."

What European countries have influenced the guianas?

The Spanish, Portuguese, British, French, and Dutch all influenced the Guianas.

Who is the highest earning British sportsman?

The highest paid British sportsman is David Beckham, although is is with the Los Angeles Galaxy right now.

Where was Victoria beckham born in?

Victoria Beckham is the wife on soccer star David Beckham. Her early fame comes from being Posh Spice in the British girl band "Spice Girls". She was born in Harlow, United Kingdom on April 17, 1974.

Is David Beckham an icon of football?

Yes, many people see him as an icon of British football.

British point of view to british massacre?

The British view it as hardly a massacre which influenced the forming of an outspoken Anti British public opinion.

Who influenced Gordon ramsay?

He was influenced by George Orwell, a famous british chef who was also known for his no nonsense mannerisms.

Which british actress stared in the film bend it like beckham?

check out: http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0286499/

Who influenced George Washington to be president?

He was not influenced to be president it was just that people wanted him because he led the colonists into Independence from the British

Famous British athletes?

David Beckham-footballer Chris Hoy- cyclist Andy Murray-tennis player

Is David Beckham a Briton?

Yes. He was British by birth, born May 2, 1975 in Leytonstone (East London).

What pop group did Victoria beckham used to be in?

The British group called The Spice Girls -- she was known as Posh Spice!

What british players that have played for real Madrid?

sorry .. i only know 2 players .. david beckham and Michael OWEN !

Weight of Victoria beckham?

Victoria Beckham is a British fashion designer, model, singer and businesswoman who is married to David Beckham. Victoria's weight has sparked much controversy over the years, with many people saying that she is too thin. Victoria is said to weigh 50 kg and she stands 1.63 m tall.

What british documents influenced the constitution?

The Magna Carta and The English Bill of Rights

Who was James ogelthorpe influenced by while designing Savannah?

James Oglethorpe was influenced by his best friend Robert Castell who died in British prison as a debtor.

What influence does this have on the arts of India?

The arts of India are influenced by traditional culture and history. They are also influenced by the occupation of the British and the cultural fusion that took place.

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