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How has the video camera changed life?

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How has the digital camera changed over time?

the camera has changed in shape in use. the camera is also a video camera and is now used on phone ipods and more . The 'dude' who wrote this ^^^^^^. Spelled camera wrong.... HAHHAHAHHAHAH. DO NOT use information from him.

How has the camera improved human life?

the camera has changed human life by being able to store pictures in a software

What is the difference of camera from video camera?

A video camera takes -video A camera takes- Pictures

What takes better video a video camera or a camera that has a video camera mode?

Obviously a Video Camera.Much better Quality than a normal camera with a video function.

What is battery life for Kodak mini video camera?


What is the difference of video camera in past and the latest video camera?

the difference between the latest and old video camera

How was the camera changed in time?

hwo was the camera changed in time

What iPod has a camera?

The iPod Nano 4th Generation has a built in video camera. The iPhone has a camera and video camera.

What is a video camera?

A video camera is a camera that takes videos. a camera for recording images on videotape or for transmitting them to a monitor screen.

How much is a digital video camera?

A digital video camera is likely to cost between $100 and $500, depending on the make, brand, and capabilities of the video camera. A typical video camera costs $300.

How to get a video camera on dsi?

you cannot get a video camera on dsi, you will have to wait for a newer dsi to come out but the dsi XL also does not have a video camera

What are some advantages of a HD video camera vs. a standard video camera?

The HD video camera will record higher quality videos. Although, the HD camera will most likely be more expensive than the standard video camera will.

Why won't my camera shoot video in HD?

To shoot an HD video you need an HD video camera

Where was the first video camera made?

The first video camera was made in England

Is there a video camera app for the iPod touch?

No, there is not a video camera app. The iPod Touch does not have a video camera, so it would not be useful on an iPod Touch.

Does you iPod have a cam?

The only iPods that have a camera are the latest Nanos (video camera) and the iPhones (video and still camera).

What is a compact video camera used for?

The compact video camera is used for recording things without a lot of motion. The compact video camera keeps the video you are recording still and steady.

What is a flip vidio camera?

a video camera

Does Paris Jackson have a camera?

She has a video camera.

Who invented the first video camera?

Philo T. Farnsworth invented the video camera.

Which Nintendo DS system has a camera and video features?

The DSi has camera and video features.

Who invented the handheld video camera?

Adam Zadok was the inventor of handheld video camera.

The video camera observed the whole scene?

the video camera recorded the whole scene

Can you use a flip video camera as a camera?

The software that comes with the Flip video camera has a Snap button that allows you to capture a still image from the video file. The camera itself does not take still pictures.

How much does a hd video camera cost?

The cost of a high definition video camera will depend on the make and model of the camera you want. You may get a budget video camera for as little as $40 or you may spend upward of $3000 or more for a more advance high definition video camera.