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AnswerYou asked an extremely difficult question. In the East Indian Culture, some Italian, Chinese, Japanese, etc., have had a long culture of choosing the partner their children will marry. These cultures die hard, so if the children come to a Western country they become modernized and this can cause some problems because the old/new cultures when mixed. The parents hang on dearly to the old ways, and their children often will fight for the freedom they see Westerners have. To this day there are still arranged marriages in other countries and right in our own backyards.

There are mixed feelings about whether you would love someone that was chosen for you more than if you chose them yourself. I find the percentage of one choosing your partner (especially after modernization has occured in the Western ways) fails miserably and it just doesn't work. Even though many of us don't always make the best decisions the first time around when we choose a mate to me it's still the best way to have a successful marriage, but then again, that's just my opinion. I married and divorced and then met a wonderful man that I've been happily married to for 34 years and no one picked my mate.

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Q: How have arranged marriages changed from the past to today and are love marriages better or worse than arranged marriages?
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When did arranged marriages begin?

there isn't a specific time for when arranged marriages began. arranged marriages are how the world started. the parents would choose who their children would marry and the children would just obey. arranged marriages still exist today.

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Yes, arranged marriages were practiced in the 1920s in America and are still practiced today among some faiths. Orthodox Jews and even the Amish sometimes practice arranged marriages.

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Some people believe in love at first sight, while others believe it takes time to love someone. In the past many parts of the world, a couple met for the very first time on their wedding day. Their marriage had been arranged by their parents. Today arranged marriages still exist in many cultures however some couples are given permission to meet before their wedding day. An arranged marriage is not necessarily and unhappy marriage. Arranged marriages that meet with the consent of the couple to marry should be allowed to continue because they result in fewer divorces. however if a women is married but her husband died she can't get married again because she is considered used and damaged.

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