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My personal thinking on this is that they really haven't changed the world much. Many horses are happy because of them and people have gotten some useful tools due to the blacksmith, but these aren't earth shaking.

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Yes, blacksmiths would have used carts. They had to transport many things to their forge and often to clients.

During the revolutionary war blacksmiths would make weapons such as guns, canons, and swords.

a Blacksmiths day would go by as waking ui\p at the crack of dawn and blacksmithing all day. a Blacksmiths day would go by as waking ui\p at the crack of dawn and blacksmithing all day.

Anvils are used by blacksmiths.

blacksmiths ate meat.]

The names of some blacksmiths are unknown. You would possibly have to go on the internet and look up medieval. Read a little into that.

No... blacksmiths work with metal....

Blacksmiths make hot fore.

Blacksmiths in colonial cities would shoe horses and make iron objects like the rim of wagon wheels.

Blacksmiths would wear simple clothes under thick leather aprons. The leather was protection against sparks and hot parts.

Blacksmiths in 1870 would make wagon wheels, horse shoes and farm implements. Almost any ironwork was done by the blacksmith.

They got to the new world (or anywhere else) by ship like every immigrant did. Many blacksmiths would have been born in a country and apprenticed there.

Yes, with all the horses they have, there is a need for blacksmiths.

Yes there are still Blacksmiths. Most Blacksmiths do it for fun. A portion of those blacksmith full time for a living.

Horses and wagons could not have operated without blacksmiths. Blacksmiths did all the necessary repairs.

Vulcan Hephaestus is the Greek god of Blacksmiths.

Blacksmiths have existed since the middle ages. All those Crusaders could not have done without a lot of blacksmiths.

Slaves possibly worked for blacksmiths in the southern US. There were blacksmiths all over the world who did not use slave labour.

Yes, blacksmiths made and still make shields

The main change for a blacksmith has been moving from solid fuel like coal, coke, or charcoal to propane or natural gas forges.

If i knew the answer why would i ask the question....

blacksmiths eat meat,milk,bread sometimes grapes and steak.

Well actually they are just like the blacksmiths now.

The Blacksmiths were important since the pioneers needed metal things

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