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South Korea's capital Seoul, is now often called 'the city that rose from the ashes'. After the war, it was left in complete ruins, with only just one bridge standing across the great river Han. South Korea, and Seoul, have developed so amazingly, it has the latest technology and skyscrapers, and is a bustling city full of life. There are now over 20 bridges spanning the wide waterway, and South Korea is truly now a blessing. On the other hand, North Korea is still a communist country with little food for the common citizens. They are not allowed to leave the country, and you have to have special permission to get in. If you do, you will probably be escorted wherever you go. Churches are not allowed and you have to worship the leader, the dictator that rules North Korea. Some people have secret Church meetings underground or in secret places. When these are discovered the people are humiliated publicly and tortured and killed, or putin prison. It is completely unfree and many people every day try and escape it. There are few people that do. Please help them!

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Q: How have both North Korea and South Korea fared since the Korean War?
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