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Plenty of things changed about fighter planes between WW1 and WW2 : - metal became more and more used instead of wood and cloth for the fuselage and the wings - fighters got retractable landing gears under the wings - they got a closed canopy - machineguns now incorporated in the wings - basic aiming systems then after WW2 came the era of the fighter jet with V wings and a jet engine incorporated in the fuselage. IR and EM missiles have also revolutionized the air to air combat. Nowadays Fighter jets are multi-roles and can also handle ground attack duties.

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Q: How have fighter planes changed since World War 1?
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Why do fighter planes have pilot and crew chief names on them and why was this started?

That was a practice that goes back since the planes were manufactured. It is like a tradition.

What wars were planes commonly used in?

since World War I, planes have been used in every war.

What were fighter planes used for in world war 2?

Fighting in the war. They served the same purpose as in World War 1, and ever since to the present day. A fighter plane of any era is designed to shoot down an enemy plane, thus gaining control of the air, or at the least denying the enemy control of the air.

How have planes changed since the 1930s?

Erm the 1930s is an intresting period both stylistically anel historically.

How fighter planes changed since ww1?

fighter planes during the First World War were generally petroleum power bi-plane which could nearly reach 100 mph, they were mounted with a machine gun which had an interrupter that let bullets go trow the moving propellers so it wouldn'destroy the propellers of the plane. The planes were made with a wooden flames and the wing structure was incredibly GLUED together so if the plane was to do violent manurers it could break. After the war what would of have taken years and years of research it took a few years in the war to improve the fighter plane. you know shaw in the 1920s and 1940s mono-planes which means 1 wing compare to the old bi-planes which had a top wing and a lower wing, planes using aluminums frames, better and faster engines on planes, zeppelins became a thing of the past bombers were the top bomber compare to zeppelins. Planes top speed was 300 mph when WW2 took place. I during WW2 planes were fast and maneuvererbol, a good example would the Japanese Sero which was one of the top fighters in the war like the Wildcat. Before the war ended the Nazis were working on a jet fighter plane and rocket propelled fighter which were the fastens of the time. when the war in Europe ended the U.S searched for German scientist to gain knowledge of the jet fighter planes and rocket technology.the Jet in WW2 had a speed of 400 mph, who ever had this type of technology in the war had the advantage of speed and altitude. Then in the Korean War after the U.S and the world had revealed the jet as a new fighter plane the jets ruled the skies in Korea were machine guns became a thing of the past because they started using misses. Today the Raptor is the top fighter of the time which can go 1000 mph and with its high technology it is a true dog fighter.

Are fighter jets the same as fighter aircrafts?

A "fighter" is a type of aircraft designed for a specific mission, i.e., fighting other aircraft. Early fighter aircraft were propeller driven, but since the 1960s, almost all fighter aircraft are powered by jet engines. The mission is the same, just the power plants have changed.

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