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humans have changed the balance of nature by growing plants recycling and going green. Reuse renew recycle

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Why is there a need to maintain balance of nature?

Nature will establish a balance whatever the conditions. Generally the term "Maintain a balance in nature" means to maintain a balance that humans find acceptable.

Can you put delicate balance of nature in a sentence please?

The delicate balance of nature in one area can be changed when you add something from another area.

What are three ways that humans disrupt the balance of nature?

snog theiir pets

Disturbing the balance in nature?

By disturbing the ecological balance of nature, animals can starve and given extreme circumstances, can even become extinct. Humans disturb the balance of nature by relocating or displacing animals, cutting down trees, and introducing chemicals into the environment.

How have shaped landscape of Asia?

Humans and nature have both shaped the landscape of Asia. Humans have changed the landscape by adding cities and routing rivers and creating dams. Nature has changed the landscape through earthquakes, tsunamis, and floods.

How are humans disturbing the balance of the nature?

Humans move animals and plants to new locations where the newcomers disturb the eco-system. Humans dig up minirals and petroleum and convert them into energy and forms that nature cannot deal with.

Who is responsible for maintaining the balance of nature?

Every living thing, from the frailest insect to the mightiest tree, from the smallest minnow to the largest whale. However, we humans have the power to completely destroy the balance of nature through our actions.

Is there an accurate balance in nature?

There is no accurate balance in nature. Balance in nature is the correct amount of organisms including plants and animals in an ecosystem.

How is an ecosystem maintained in nature and how does it survive?

An ecosystem is maintained by keeping a balance, such as a balance between the number of resources and the number of the users. Or the balance between predators and prey. Also, it helps by humans not destroying the habitat.

How are humans related to nature?

Humans are a part of nature

What does the balance of nature hypothesis mean?

Of the balance of nature hypothesis indicates that the ecosystem is not balanced. This means that the organisms present are not well distributed to create an accurate balance of nature.

How does balance of nature biodiversity?

by preserving our nature

What allowed humans to take over the world and throw us out of balance with nature?

I think we are being taken over by the roman empire

How can you help to maintain the balance of the nature?

Balance of nature can be maintain by avoiding deforestation but practicing afforestation.

How do you maintain the balance of nature by essay writing?

Essay writing, of itself, can not maintain the balance of nature.

Can humans and nature coexist?

Humans and nature could coexist, but in order to coexist indefinitely humans would have to treat the environment responsibly, like a caretaker. Humans cannot act irresponsibly, like polluting the environment with chemicals, having nuclear power plant meltdowns, clear cutting rain forests, putting chemicals in the air, etc. and expect the delicate balance of nature to last indefinitely.

What is the balance of nater?

If you mean what is the balance of nature, the balance of nature is that all nature ecosystems are in a balanced pattern like a hemostasis. So when a foreign element like a flood causes a negative change it causes that ecosystem to be out of balance.

Is nature ever in balance?

The universe is always in balance.

How sulfur dioxide destroy the ecological balance of nature?

how sulfur dioxide destroy the ecological balance of nature

Balance in nature?


What is a nature balance?


Do gray wolves have a value to humans?

wolves are beneficial to the ecosystem. Everything in nature has a balance. It is only when man upsets the balance that problems occur. The wolves also keep deer and elk populations managable.

Why is ecological balance in nature important?

why ecological balance is important

Why is it important to maintain a balance of nature?

to have a good call of nature

How are droughts caused by humans and nature?

nature because humans dont control when it rains