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Many things are impacting Tiger population. They are:

  1. Human activity like logging and deforestation - which is reducing tiger habitats
  2. Human hunting & poaching which is killing dozens of animals ever year.

Hunting is the bigger problem. Ancient Chinese Medicine believes that Tigers body parts have medicinal properties. Because of this Tigers were killed extensively and indiscriminately. Because of this, they were pushed to near extinction. India, China and all neighboring countries where the Bengal Tiger lives have banned hunting and so, the tiger population is slowly recovering

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What is the threat to Bengal tigers?

Us humans are a threat to Bengal tigers

Are Bengal tigers preyed on by other animals?

No. Bengal tigers are an Apex predator and, as such, only humans will attempt to kill Bengal tigers.

Who arethe Bengal tigers enimes?

the Bengal tigers enimies are the humans because they poach them

Are Bengal tigers preyed on?

Bengal tigers have no natural predators. Their biggest threat is humans.

Why do you need Bengal tigers?

The Bengal Tigers asked the same question : Why do we need humans?

How do Bengal tigers act around humans?

Bengal tigers will act aggressively towards humans. A person should never attempt to approach a Bengal tiger in the wild.

What are the Bengal tiger's predators?

Many of the predators of the Bengal Tiger are mostly Phytons, Humans, and other Tigers.what is a bengal tigers prededorother tigers and us

What is the Bengal tigers biggest threat?


Are Bengal tigers good hunters?

Bengal Tigers are excilent hunters. infact some indans backinthe 1800's relyed on the Bengal Tigers for food. Some Bengal Tigers Evan tryed to eat humans.

What benefit to humans are Bengal tigers?

People do not benefit Bengal Tigers. They hunt them. The only way they conserve them is the Tiger plan.

What are the introduced predators of the Bengal tiger?

at the moment the only predators of the Bengal tigers are humans

Do bengal tigers eat humans?

The Bengal tiger has killed and eaten more humans than any other cat.

Why are the Bengal tigers endangered?

Bengal tigers are endangered because people are killing them.its because the humans are hunting it for its fur coat and there threat to livestock

What animals hunt Bengal tigers?

It is a sad fact that actually humans do. This is why the these rare beautiful tigers have become extinct...i think. Because of illegal hunting that is.Bengal tigers are at the top of the food chain and aren't generally hunted by other animals. Their biggest threat is humans.

What are the white tigers enemies?

Humans are the only threat to tigers, and white tigers are only a very rare color morph of the Bengal.

Who hunts a Bengal tiger?

humans hunt tigers for alternative medicines and their pelts

When did bangel tigers become endangered?

Bengal tigers were over hunted, and their habitat has been encroached upon by humans.

Why should humans be concerned about saving the Bengal tiger?

Humans should be concerned about the Bengal tiger because if the Bengal tiger is going extinct then we would not be able to learn about all the cool facts about them because we do not have any Bengal tigers to do the research on.

Are Bengal Tigers Indian Tigers?

Bengal Tigers can come from India, therefore they are Indian tigers.

Why are Bengal tigers called Bengal tigers?

Because they were originally found in Bengal India, hince the name 'Bengal'. Also tigers from that region are sometimes refered to as 'Indian Tigers'

Are Bengal tigers cannibals?

No, Bengal tigers are not cannibals.

Who do Bengal tigers live symbiotically with?

Other Bengal tigers

Does anything eat Bengal tigers?

Most wild cats are only hunted by humans.

What are Bengal tigers afraid of?

Humans. Most tigers are very shy and dash inot the woods if a human is within 100 yards of them.

Do Siberian tigers eat people?

Though not as well known as the Bengal tiger as maneaters, Siberian tigers will sometimes prey on humans.

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