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Well I am actually learning about that right now, but I actually had the same question. I am pretty sure that it is the land and climate. Because the land is flat to rolling, and has many fertile soils, which means a great variety of crops. Glaciers smoothed out the land as they melted. The temperature is overall warm, but the interior is a more harsh and colder climate. There are wide temperature ranges over the year.

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Sawada Tsunayoshi

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ontarios physical characteristics are things such as trees or grass. Things that people didn't build.

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how do physical characteristics influence where people live in Egypt Without your mom Egypt would be a desert.

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How did the physical geographic characteristics of mesopotamia affect the development of their civilization?

The physical geographic characteristics of Mesopotamia affected the development of their civilization in a positive way. This is because if not for the river of the Fertile Crescent, the people would not have had a water source to farm with. The land was also made fertile by the silt from the Fertile Crescent.

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What is the study of the relationship of people and their characteristics to the physical environment?


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The "Jews" are a group of people that follow a religion. They are not a geographic region and do not have physical geographic characteristics.

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Resources natural in balancce with weather People friendly

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It's a pennisula, it's flat

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many people believe that Tokyo is big but im bigger!!

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