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How have vaccines changed the world?

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They have prevented millions of deaths and unnecessary suffering, and they have helped to eradicate a few diseases.

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Why do vaccines have to be changed every year?

Because certain viruses and bacteria evolve to become resistant to the old vaccines.

How have vaccines and antibiotics changed the patterns of infectious disease?

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How did the vaccination change society?

Vaccines changed society because with out vaccines then there would be so many deaths. Vaccines help to prevent the disease before you get it. Why pay a visit to the doctor when you can just go get the vaccine and not have to get the disease.

How do you use vaccines?

There are oral vaccines and injectable vaccines.

What medicines were used during World War 1?


How have vaccines made a difference in the world?

By when people have them they stop you from getting the illness so less people have been getting diseases because of the vaccines

What are live vaccines?

Live vaccines are vaccines which are prepared from living organisms. These vaccines are commonly ingested and not injected to fight viruses in the body. .

What is a killed virus vaccines?

Vaccines made with "killed" viruses are called "Inactivated" vaccines.

What is a live virus vaccines?

They are vaccines that have a live microbe but it has been changed in some way, Here is a list of those: Tuberculosis (BCG), Oral Polio Vaccine, Measles, Rotavirus, and Yellow Fever. They can and have revered back to one that are disease causing.

What are edible vaccines?

Edible vaccines are vaccines produced in plants genetically modified through bioengineering.

How has African music changed into world music?

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Are vaccines used to treat viruses or bacteria?

Vaccines don't actually treat either one. Vaccines are used to PREVENT disease. Most vaccines protect against viruses, but there are some for bacteria, as well.

3 inventions that changed the world?

The invention of the gun changed the world. You could also say that telescopes/microscopes changed the world.

How has technology changed the world?

It has changed our world in many ways: - computers - phones - medicine - MOST IMPORTANTLY....ALL MEDICAL TOOLS, TREATMENTS, AND PROCEDURES! I can't tell you how thankful our world should be because of technology and how it has shaped the medical world! :) - Vaccines - email - online chat-rooms - ALL OF SCIENCE! AND ALL OF SCIENTIFIC TOOLS, AND LAB EXPERIMENTS! - facebook - telephone calling - TV - HD - AND ANYTHING ELSE THAT WAS NOT INVENTED IN THE FIFTIES! LOL!

Why do people support vaccines?

Vaccines are good for us!!

Which vaccines were first tested on animals?

IV vaccines..

Do vaccines cause AIDS?

Vaccines do not cause AIDS.

What is the most recent vaccines to come out?

The most recent vaccines to come out, is the H1N1 aka SWINE FLU vaccines.

Who has the internet changed?

it has changed most of the world

Who changed the fashion?

The World changed fashion

How much are horse vaccines?

How much money are horse vaccines

Why should you have vaccines?

You should have vaccines so you don't get sick

How do you store influenza vaccines?

Flu vaccines are stored in the refrigerator.

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