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How hazardous can cat and dog urine fumes be to your health?

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  • Be careful around cat feces if you are pregnant it harbours toxoplasmosis and is airborne and will harm your baby do not handle cat litter if you are pregnant. However, you do not need to worry about that if your cat is an indoors-only cat, as toxoplasmosis is extremely, extremely rare among indoors-only cats.
  • Animal urine is not hazardous to your health. I have both cats and dogs and have never had any health concerns caused by their urine.
  • If the room has urine everywhere, the ammonia may be an irritant, but there would have to be a lot of urine! As a lifelong pet owner, I personally never have had any problems.
  • I have two dogs and they have had "mistakes" when puppies. I spot clean and then I spray vinegar on the spot which dilutes the odor and the dog WILL NOT piddle there again. I've had no problems.
  • I have two large Labs, They occasionally go indoors, NOT my fault. I clean but the air is full of the heavy odor. We have never had any throat problems in our home. Lately everyone of us has had bad throat problems. I am talking about a family of 5. I can only hope this is not caused by the dog urine but I have no other explanation.
  • Get videos or find a trainer to teach your dogs not to urinate in the house. Try using a solution of vinegar and warm water and spraying it quite heavily. This will get to the rubber under-padding of the carpet (where all pet stains end up) and the vinegar will dilute the urine smell. If it's too bad you may have to rip the carpet up and put Pergo flooring down if you can't train your dogs to ask out or at least have a newspaper someone down the hall by the laundry room where they can go if it's an emergency. I own 2 dogs and a cat and they've had the odd mistake (even vomiting) but have never had any smells in my house by using the vinegar. As far as sore throats, look towards the real culprit ... sprays! Often people don't realize how often they may spray their carpets, countertops or clean the air with sprays. Too many sprays can cause sore throats.
  • With Urine there's always a risk of ammonia irritation, which can cause eye irritation and a variety of respiratory problems, and if inadvertently combined with chlorine during cleaning could (possibly) create trace amounts of chlorine gas (which is extremely poisonous).
  • With the feces, you should manage it, regularly clean up after your pets and dispose of the feces outside of your home. Particularly when dealing with a litter box in a closed space over long periods of time, there is always a risk of Hydrogen Sulfide poisoning, so litter boxes should be cleaned regularly. Early signs of hydrogen sulfide poisoning include eye irritation, sore throat and sinus irritation, sudden bursts of sneezing may occur. If the problem escalates it may cause temporary loss of voice/raspy voice, and may also cause nausea and vomiting, but these are all also common symptoms of communicable illnesses. Normally pet owners would not allow the problem to escalate before cleaning their litter box, but people have before, particularly people who lack their sense of smell.
2014-03-06 20:34:28
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Ammonia fumes from cat urine?

totally normal

Can cat urine fumes release carbon monoxide fumes?

Seems unlikely, at least in any significant quantity

Is cat urine dangerous to a pregnant woman?

Recent studies have shown that a pregnant woman breathing the ammonia fumes in cat urine can affect the development of the growing baby.

Can cat breathing cat urine cause health problems?

Yes it can, Cat urine has ammonia..ammonia can cause health problems in all animals......that's why your required to clean the cat box besides for cleanliness....

Can cat urine and feces be hazardous to humans if not cleaned up properly like say some one doesn't clean up cat urine and feces in their house for more than three to six months?

Can cat urine and feces be hazardous to humans if not cleaned up properly like say some one doesn't clean up cat urine and feces in their house for more than three to six months?

Is cat urine carcinogenic?

In small doses, breathing cat urine does not pose a risk to most people. However, in concentrated amounts found in poorly ventilated areas, ammonia fumes produced by cat urine can cause a number of serious symptoms after long-term exposure. These symptoms may include burning and watering of the eyes, coughing, wheezing, headache, and nausea, among others. The World Health Organization considers ammonia to be a possible carcinogen, meaning that inhalation of these fumes may be linked to cancer growth.

Is cat urine harmful?

Very dangerous to pregnant women. Stay away from the fumes. Older people should be alright. (No eating though.)

How does cat urine hurt newborns?

Cat urine has ammonia in it. Some people say that the ammonia fumes can harm small children, and unborn babies (if the mother breathes in the fumes). However, there are other people who say that this is just a myth.Even if ammonia fumes could harm small children and unborn what? The only way the child would be exposed to the fumes is if the child was cleaning out the litter box. And how many 2 year-olds clean out litter boxes?Exposure to cat feces can also cause the disease toxoplasmosis. However, this disease is extremely rare among indoors-only cats, so, if your cat is an indoors cat, you don't need to worry about this.

Can cat urine make you blind?

Cat urine can stain clothing and smell bad, some people can actually be allergic to cat urine. Cat urine will not make you blind.

How do you get cat urine out of cashmere?

Periwash, a product available at home health stores, gets cat urine out of almost any fabric. I haven't tried it on cashmere, but it worked on an upholstered chair very well!

Is Male cat spray same as urine?

Yes, both male and female cat spray is strongly-scented urine as it contains valuable information about the cat, such as its age, health, gender and if it is a female she will spray vertical surfaces to let any male cat know she is on heat.

What are some health issues regarding breathing cat urine and feces?

breathing difficulty and respiratory diseases.

Can cat urine effect children's health?

Cat urine is not particularly harmful to children. However, if there is a lot of it around your house, the smell of the ammonia may act as an irritant, especially for those with conditions like asthma.

Does cat urine kill plants?

No, Cat urine does not kill plants.

Does female cat urine smell?

Yes, it smells like cat urine.

Why is cat urine fluorescent?

It isn't. Cat urine is not fluorescent, and it does not glow in the dark. I'm not sure where this myth comes from. Cat urine is yellow, like human urine. To the naked eye, it is indistinguishable from human urine, except for the smell. Cat urine is ammonia-based (unlike human urine) so it smells of ammonia.

What percent of cat urine is absorbed by cat litter?

Only around 67% of cat urine is absorbed by the average cat litter.

How hazardous can cat litter box in a child's bedroom be to there health?

That's a VERY BAD idea, because the litter box STINK LIKE MAD!!!

Does cat feces and urine kill your grass?

Yes, the acid from the cat urine will kill grass.

Is cat urine a hazard to you health when you have to smell it constantly?

Potentially, any odor can be hazardous. However, the chances of the concentration being high enough is very unlikely. Open a window, spray some air freshener, and consider relocating your litter box outside. If you don't have a cat, there's a possibility that there is ammonia in the air, in which case I'd recommend calling 911 for assistance.

How do you get rid of cat urine?

you put cat litter on it

Does Blue Buffalo Cat Food cause crystals in Cat urine?

Yes, in some cases Blue Buffalo Cat Food does cause crystals in Cat urine.

Will a cat urine where a dog had?


What does cat urine smell like?

What a strange question... it smells like cat urine, I guess. It's unique.

Is the smell of cat urine deadly to humans?

No, it is not. Cat urine may smell terrible, but it ultimately won't hurt you.