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The very largest of spiders weigh 6 oz. The smallest are so tiny that most scales would not be able to weigh them.
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How do you know what kind of spider your spider is?

examine it. what color is it? does it have long or short legs? are there any markings on its back, belly or legs? what shape is it? is it big or small? once you answer some of these questions type your description into the search bar of and pictures and websites of similar spiders will ap ( Full Answer )

What makes a spider a spider?

It is a member of the arachnid family. However, it lacks the tail found in scorpions, it lacks the clawed chelipeds found in psuedoscorpions, it has 2 unfused segments for its body (unlike ticks and mites), and it can dispense silk from "spinnerettes". Unlike insects, arachnids have 4 pairs of walki ( Full Answer )

Is a camel spider technically a spider?

An Arachnid is an arthropod with eight or more legs, making the Solifugae (AKA camel spider) an arachnid, but not a "true" spider. . Anything in the Arachnid family is considered a spider.

Why are heavy rocks heavy?

Heavy rocks are heavy because they have more mass than lighter rocks. And because they have more mass, gravity from the earth pulls down on them more than on lighter rocks.

Where does spider web come out of on a spider?

The silk is extruded from spinnerets on the bottom of the spider's abdomen (the rear end). Glands and structures called spinnerets located at the rear of the spider, apart form spitting spiders where the sticky web is produced at the front.

Why is a Sun Spider not a true spider?

Because they come from a different order, Araneae . Like Scorpions and Harvestmen. They are Arthropods that have eight legs, and Chelicerae with fangs that inject venom. They are the largest order of the Arachnids.

What spiders have red baby spiders?

There is no easy way to answer this question. The colors of spiders can change at each time they molt and get a new skin. The colors of baby spiders are not connected in any direct way to the colors of adults. So knowing the color of adults of some species is not a sure well to anticipate the colors ( Full Answer )

How do you get a spider out?

kind way -- use a clear glass and a piece of cardboard or thick paper. Slowly put the glass over creature, then use paper to slide under to seal. Shake out outside. Congratulate yourself for being good to your fellow creatures. unkind way -- vacuum cleaner lazy way -- say, well, it'll eat the ( Full Answer )

What spider eats what spider?

The black widow spider usually eats the male spider after they mate, unless they give the female a"gift which is something good to eat wrapped in silk. That is why they are called black widow spiders

Do spiders eat other spiders?

Yes, spiders do eat other spiders.but the other spider that eats the other is female that's pregnant eats the male when 3,000 babies are born (7 "bags" worth of baby spiders)so the babies can have food to grow on

Type of spider is widow spider?

"Widow spiders" are venomous spiders of the Genus Latrodectus that have a rather bad reputation for eating their mate. However, this is not entirely fair, as not all species of Latrodectus do this. Perhaps the most commonly known widow spiders are Latrodectus mactans (Southern Black Widow), L ( Full Answer )

What is a spider?

it is a monkey with 5 eyes A spider is a insect with eight legs .And a spider is known as the cousin of the other insect.And it has gum in its body which will be help it to trap its prey and to make its home.[web]

How heavy is the heavy weight champ?

The Heavyweight Champ for boxing typically weighs 210-250 lbs,though any weight over 200 is considered to be heavyweight.

Why do you have spiders?

Spiders need shelter as well as humans do. That just happens to be in your house.

Why do spiders make spider webs?

spiders make spiderwebs so that when a fly flys by it flys into the web which is very sticky so the fly cant get out. the spider then wraps it up then sucks its blood for dinner.hunting spiders dont make webs.

What can you do if a spiders on you?

Spiders eat small insects, so try and lure the spider off of your body with tasty bugs. If you ever have spiders on you should stay still and slowly grab a stick or something to knock it off. If that doesn't work all I can suggest is RUN!!!!! OMG THATS RIGHT RUN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

How heavy is a spider at birth?

Whilst the Appalachian forest spider can weigh as little as 0.1 milligrams when fully grown, the Alaskan wooly-back log spider weighs in at a whopping 2.5 ounces! Giving birth to only one spiderling in any given season, the wooly-back has the largest birth canal in the spider kingdom, and it's half- ( Full Answer )

What spider is the least dangerous spider?

Probably the Daddy Long Leg its fangs are barely able to penetrate the skin and are very poisonous. ^ I'm afraid I don't know that answer to your question but the answer here is incorrect due to the fact that Daddy Long Legs are not spiders at all. Their front two "legs" are actually feelers. A ( Full Answer )

Is the grass spider a indoor spider?

No a grass spider is not a indoor spider. If you put the parts together you would know that because grass is an outdoor material and a spider is an creature with eight legs so if a you know what a spider is and you know that grass belongs outside then you will figure out that a grass spider is an ou ( Full Answer )

Why are heavy metals called heavy?

Because of higher density than the water and high molecular weight, they are called heavy. But some called them heavy because of the toxicity they cause.

What to do about spiders?

Choose one of these options: A. Keep it as pets so it can kill the insects. B.Let it go or if its a posionous spider run away. C. kill it but you if you do the world will be overcome by insects

Why is heavy water heavy?

Because heavy water is D 2 O and not H 2 O; the hydrogen atomic nucleus has only one proton, the deuterium has one proton and one neutron. Consequently the properties of the two isotopes are very different. The deuterated water is more dense than the normal water (1,1056 g/cm 3 for D 2 O and 0,9982 ( Full Answer )

How heavy is too heavy for pointe?

You are never 'too heavy' for pointe. This is because you are keeping yourself up there not the shoes. The shoes help but the main thing is to have strength in your calfs and thighs as well as the ability to use the core of your body. If you can do this then you can do pointe. The best thing to do i ( Full Answer )

What is a spider and what does it do?

Spiders (order Araneae ) are air-breathing chelicerate arthropods that have eight legs, and chelicerae modified into fangs that inject venom. They are the largest order of arachnids and rank seventh in total species diversity among all other groups of organisms. [1] Spiders are found worldwide on ( Full Answer )

Is the wolf spider an indoor spider?

Wolf spiders often come indoors. It may be because the weather is getting cooler outside and they sense warmer air when they get close to a door or an open window, or maybe they just wander in. However, life inside a house is not a good situation for a wolf spider. They cannot easily climb walls, th ( Full Answer )

Is the spider on Spider-Man real?

It was a genetically altered spider made up for the movie- but you would probably die if you got bitten by it for real.

What spiders eat other spiders?

Any spiders. Think of it like this what could you eat without being killed and life-sized lving thing (like elephants) killing you. Insects lives by eating other insects and animals kills other animals and some insects and plants.

Why are there spiders?

If we didn't have spiders, the pests in people's houses would just eat wood, eat food out of open boxes and bags, Why? Because spiders eat household insects and bugs.

What spiders do you get?

I get wolf spiders, triantulas, daddy long legs, black widows, babboon spiders, mini crab spiders, and a red stomach spider the size of my foot

Is a spider an indoor spider?

It depends on what species for example a tarantula is in indoor spider and a grass spider is an out door spider!

Why did the spider bite Spider-Man?

Even though the spider had been altered by a gamma source of some sort, it was still a spider. It was pure instinct. I must have felt threatened for some reason.

What can spiders do to you?

They can obviously bite you but this only happens if you offend it in any way . So be careful if it is a posion spider (:

How does a spider become a spider monkey?

It can't. Spider monkeys are named for their resemblance to spiders with their long thin limbs and tail. Spiders are not related to spider monkeys biologically.

Is wolf spider are the coolest spider?

Is the wolf spider the coolest spider ever? They are really cool little animals. They hunt insect pests. They are not inclined to bite humans, except in self defense. (So don't grab one.) If you like wolf spiders you should learn about jumping spiders too. Jumping spiders often act like they a ( Full Answer )

Is Spider-Man a spider or a man?

Spider-Man is a teenage boy named Peter Parker who got bitten by a radioactive spider. The radioactive spider gave him superpowers which enable him to climb walls, jump real high, have great strength, and sense danger. Even though he is like a spider- he still is actually a person.

How heavy are heavy equipment operators?

The term 'heavy equipment operator' refers to a person who operates heavy machinery. Therefore the weight of each individual will vary depending on the person.

Are red spiders baby spiders?

Some red spiders are adults. Baby spiders are often not the same color as adults, but there are baby spiders of many different colors, not just red.

How does the spider monkey find spiders?

Some spider monkeys eat insects, but not spiders. Their name comes from the way they look and move. With their long, furry, spindly limbs and tails, they look like spiders moving through the trees and vines of the rainforest.

Is a spider a is a spider a carnivore?

No, a spider isn't a carnivore, a spider is an arachnid, it doesn't eat meat, it sucks out all the guts of a fly, or anything that flies into it's web. Add me on game center - irok220

What is spiderism?

Spider-ism is described as the Verbal, Physical or Sexual Assault or Abuse of an Arachnid Species; be it, scorpion or spider. About 77% of households are home to millions of spiders and their young. A Spiderist is someone who doesn't give arachnids their rights and obligations.

How heavy is a spider crab?

The heaviest spider crab, captured in 1921, weighed in at 41pounds. For the Japanese spider crab, the largest species, 16 to 18kg is not uncommon. Other species can be much lighter, for examplein one north sea species a typical adult would be in the range of 1to 3 kg.

Is iron spider Spider-Man?

yes iron spider is spider man it's just your normal spider man but in a iron suit

What is a spiders?

An insect A spider is not classed as an insect because it has eight legs not six. It is an arachnid in the order of araneae. A spiders body is divided into a cephalothorax, they have two feelers and two poisonous fangs. Most spin webs that are used as nests and for catching prey.

What spider is this?

I'm curious to find out the type of spider this is. I live inSouthern California. Has anyone seen a spider that looks like this?