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Bouncy balls are a good source of entertainment, everyone wants to get theirs the highest. How high a bouncy ball can bounce is dependent on the force and the angle behind the bounce.

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Q: How high can a bouncy ball bounce?
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Related questions

What will bounce higher a ping pong ball or a bouncy ball?

bouncy ball

Can a ball bounce?

yes, if its a bouncy ball

Why does a bouncy ball bounce higher when dropped from a high point?

It has more pressure

Does a frozen bouncy ball bounce higher or lower then an unfrozen bouncy ball?

a frozen bouncy ball will not bounce higher or lower than an unfrozen one it will shatter

What does a bouncy ball do when you freeze it?

it won't bounce

Which ball bounces higher a bouncy ball or a basketball?

small bouncy balls will bounce higher

What is the big bounce theory?

a theory that there was a big bounce of a bouncy ball....

Why doesn't a bouncy ball bounce as high as from where it was dropped?

Gravity and air friction reduces the ball's height on each bounce, until the ball comes to rest on the ground.

Does the weight of a bouncy ball effect how high it bounces?

yes because it needs to bounce higher

Can you bounce a bouncy ball in a bounce house?

yes but not as much as a soild surface becuase the bouncy house absorbs most of the force force by the ball

Does a golf ball or a bouncy ball bounce higher?

It would depend on what you bounce them on and what material the bouncy ball is made of. Most surfaces and materials would mean the bouncy ball goes higher, but a few could result in the golf ball being better.

What is the Highest bouncy ball bounce?

9111111111111911911 millino feet

What makes a bouncy ball bounce so well?

There are several reason why a bouncy ball bounce so high one being the rubber material used to make the ball is able to stretch out and flatten a little and then retain its shape. The other major reason is physics, the energy created when the ball falls to the ground.

What is the affect of temperature on a squash ball?

The colder the ball the less bounce. The warmer the ball the more bouncy it is.

How does the material of a ball affect how bouncy it is?

Think of it like this, if you pick up a ball that you drop on the floor, and squeeze that ball, if it is made out of a material like rubber, it is easy to squeeze, therefor it will bounce high. If the ball is made out of steel, then I personaly could not be able to squeeze it and it won't bounce very high or not bounce at all.

What ball will bounce the highest?

* Probably a regular rubber bouncy ball or a fully pumped basketball.

Does a golf ball or a bouncy ball bounce?

Both do. A golf ball can bounce quite a ways if struck hard and hits a hard object , like a tree.

Why do your heavy and light balls not bounce higher than your bouncy ball?

because light ball have more air in them so they bounce higher

Does the superball bounce better than a regular bouncy ball?

Sometimes but not always.

Does drop-height affect how many times a bouncy ball will bounce?


Who invented the bounce ball?

The bouncy ball was invented by Norman Stingley and manufactured by Wham-O in 1965

How does temperature affect the bounce of a baseball?

the ball is harder in the cold weather making it less bouncy but in warm weather the ball is less stiff and more bouncy.

What is the highest bouncing ball in the world?

a tennis ball will bounce the highest as in sports or a bouncy ball bounces higher than that

Why does a larger bouncy ball bounce higher than a smaller one?

size displacement.

Which ball will bounce first a bouncy ball or a golf ball?

Since the rate of acceleration due to gravity is equal for all objects, the ball you drop first will most likely bounce first.