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usually under 2000 m

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How high is the stratus cloud?

Stratus clouds are about 6,000 ft up in the atmosphere.

What types of cloud form at low altitudes?

Nimbo-stratus and stratus clouds form at low altitudes.

What is the latin meaning for stratus cloud?

The latin meaning for stratus cloud is "spread out". The latin meaning for stratus cloud is "spread out".

What type of wheather does a stratus cloud bring?

fair weather cloud is the stratus cloud...

What is the size of a Stratus cloud?

the stratus cloud is this size. 5 kilometers

What are clouds that form in flat layers?

Stratus is the cloud in flat layers

At what altitude does a stratus cloud form?

Strautus can form anywhere from the surface to several thousand feet.

How does a stratus cloud form?

Clouds form when water vapor condenses into tiny water droplets.goodluck!I think that they meant for how the certain type Stratusforms.

What weather does a stratus cloud bring?

A Stratus cloud is a cloud that brings either drizzle or just plain cloudy conditions.

What is a stratus cloud called when it touches the ground?

Here is the answer when a stratus cloud touches the ground it is called a fog.

Is a layer of clouds called a stratus?

no a stratus is a layer cloud.

What type of cloud is a stratus cloud?

A stratus cloud is a low-lying cloud that covers most of the sky. It doesn't usually produce rain; that's the job of the nimbostratus.

Is A Stratus Cloud A Nimbostratus Cloud?

No. A Stratus Cloud is just a cloud that spreads around the sky. Nimbostratus clouds are the same thing but Nimbostratus clouds have thunder storms in them.

How is a nimbostratus cloud different from a status cloud?

Nimbostratus cloud ate made of only water droplets and stratus clouds form when a large body of air rises.

What are the characteristics of a stratus cloud?

It is a cloud that is shaped like a bunny

Is fog a stratus cloud?

no the stratus cloud is not fog because stratus clouds are flat layered clouds unlike fog which are thin clouds that covers earths surface.

Is the alto cloud higher than the stratocumulus cloud?

Yes. Alto clouds form the medium altitude group, but stratus clouds are at low altitudes.

What is the name of the cloud that covers large areas and form in layers?

Stratus Clouds are clouds that cover large areas and form in layers.

How did the nimbostratus clouds get its name?

It got its name by combining the words nimbo and stratus. Stratus clouds are ones that form in layers, and look like they kind of 'blend in' with the sky. When you add the word nimbo to a cloud name, it means a dark rain cloud. Therefore, the nimbostrautus cloud is a dark, layered rain cloud.

Is a stratus cloud a thunder cloud?

No. Cumulonimbus clouds are thunder clouds.

What does the cloud name stratus mean?

i think it means it is a flat cloud.

What is a real type of cloud?

Cumulus, cumulonimbus, stratus, nimbo-stratus, cirrus and alto-stratus. Take your pick.

What is a stratus cloud?

a stratus cloud is a cloud that is layered, blocks the sun, is 1-3 miles away from the earth, and means cloudy weather, rainy weather, or snowy weather.

Is the Dodge Stratus known as a cloud car?

Yes the Dodge Stratus is know as a cloud car. Especially because of its shape and all the of its twin cars have similar names to a cloud.

Which does not belong cirrus calculus cumulus stratus?

"Calculus" This is one: Not a cloud formation as the others are. Two: Calculus is a type of mathematic word form.

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