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How high from the floor do the plug-ins and light switches have to be in South Carolina?

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There is no minimum, just a maximum. You can't put them higher than 6'7".

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What is the pec requirement regarding the standard height for switches?

The standard height they are placed is no more than 48" above the floor. I mount my switch boxes with the top of the box 48" above the floor. You can install them lower if you wish but no lower than 15" above the floor.

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What is the PEC requirement regarding the standard heights for switches and outlets?

one foot from ground floor distance outlet five foot distance switch

What is the standard height for an electrical switch?

In the USA there are no specific height requirements for switches based on electrical codes 48" above the floor is common. Switches used for unusual items (not lighting) are often mounted higher than the lighting switches, such as the boiler shutoff. If ADA applies to that occupancy there may be a lower height requirement because of potential wheelchair use.

What is the height to place a light switch in New Zealand?

Under the NZ Building code light switches are to be placed level with door handles typically at 1000mm (AFFL) above the finished floor level. This is to aid persons with a loss of sight to find the switches easily.

What is the height of electrical outlet from floor?

Well, i usually measure 20 inches above floor height. That is a standard i use, and for switches i measure 52 inches. for all the houses and buildings i have installed i applied this. <<>> Standard heights on receptacles is 12 inches (300 mm) to center and on switches 48 inches (1200 mm) to center. Counter plugs 43 (1090 mm) inches to center.

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