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14 How high is Table Mountain in Cape Town?

1,085 metres

What is the height above sea level of Table Mountain in Cape Town?

Table Mountain is 3,567 ft high (1,087 meters). The Highest point is McClears Beacon

What is the temperature on table mountain?

It is not a very high mountain and thus it has the same temperature as the ground temperature in the city of Cape Town which is on average between 11 and 22 degrees Celsius.

How high is table mountain?

table mountain is 1,088 meters tall

Why does cape town usually experience high air pressure weather conditions?

why cape town usually experiences a high air pressure

Where is Bergvliet High Schoo?

Bergvliet High School is a public high school in the suburb of Bergvliet in Cape Town, Western Cape, South Africa.

What is the postal code for High Constantia Cape Town?


How do cape town people dress?

Cape Town people, girls in particular, do not wear enough clothing. Cape Tonians are characterised by the high proportion of skin to clothing. Minimalism is very very VERY trendy in Cape Town. Shorts often resemble lingerie and often can be seen riding up to places they should not. In short, less clothing Welcome to cape town

Matric Final results in cape Town?

kulani high school in langa

Why does Durban have a warmer climate than Cape Town?

Durban has a warmer climate because it a sub-tropical climate whereas Cape Town in a "Mediterrean" climate. Durban is on average about 1-2 degree celcius warmer that Cape Town. Durban also has high humidity (or discomfort factor) whereas the air in Cape Town is much "dryer". Cape Town is located far further south than Durban and has the extremely cold Benguela current running past it. Since the ocean has a tempering effect on land temperatures this cause a distinct drop in the Cape Town temperatures. Cape Town is on the edge of a very volatile sea area, and storms and high winds are common. Durban a warmer current passing it from the tropics to the North. That's just some of the basics, obviously, different terrain (and other factors) also effects the climates.

What is the average airfare for a flight from Cape Town to Lagos?

An average airfare for a flight from Cape Town to Lagos average around nine hundred dollars but go as low as $817 and as high as $1124, depending on the airline.

Use water table in a sentence?

Example sentences:The water table was so high that everyone had water in their basements.The water table was so high that the town could not handle anymore rain.

Top ten high schools in western cape south Africa?

Top 5 Male Schools - Cape TownPaul Roos Gymnasium (Stellenbosch)Bishops (Diocesan College)PBHS (Paarl Boys High School)SACS (South African College Schools)RBHS (Rondebosch Boys High School)Top 5 Female Schools - Cape TownBloemhof Girl High School (Stellenbosch)La Rochelle Girls High School (Paarl)RGHS (Rustenburg Girls High School)Saint Cyprian's Girls High SchoolHerschel Girls High SchoolTop 5 Co-Ed Schools - Cape TownWesterford High SchoolPaarl GymnasiumReddam High SchoolChesterhouseCeder House

Was it capeshore high cape town high or capeside where the caractures from dawson's creek attended?

it was capeside high ,I answered the question and it was the correct answer,it awarded me my points ...thanks anyway

Is there a high school in Cape Town where you can send your pregnant daughter of 15?

yes some school allow children

Is crime a problem in Cape Town?

Yes. South Africa has a really high crime rate. See link.

What is cape coral high school?

A high school in Cape Coral, FL.

When was Cape Henlopen High School created?

Cape Henlopen High School was created in 1971.

Which is correct tall mountain or high mountain?

high mountain......

Is table mountain a block mountain?

No, tablelands are plateaux and not block mountains. a plateau is called a tableland because it is a high raised land (also called plain-in-the air).

Climate of Cape Town?

Cape Town is located at the coast and has the moderating influences of the Atlantic Ocean and Table Mountain. It is categorized as a "Mediterranean" climate, with moderate to hot summers (September through March) and winter rainfall. Rain (May through September) is mostly in the form of frontal systems which originate in the south west Atlantic and move eastwards over the southern portions of the African mainland during the winter months. Temperatures over the summer months are normally in the high 20 to mid 30's (Cecilius) and can peak in the low 40's on occasion. Areas slightly north and north east of Cape Town can experience temperatures in the mid 30 to mid 40 degree range during the same period. Winter temperatures are in the 12 to 18 degree range, very seldom below this. Cape Town does not normally experience frost or snow, although frost is recorded on the very odd occasion and light snow falls on the high lying areas of Table Mountain. Average Daily Temperature (Celsius) High Low January 26 15 February 26 15 March 25 14 April 23 12 May 20 9 June 18 9 July 17 7 August 17 7 September 19 8 October 21 10 November 23 13 December 25 15

Give you weather details in cape town in march?

The weather in March is one of the best months with not much wind, sunny days and high temp.

What are the smallest mountain in NZ called?

The smallest mountain in NZ is Mount Manganui, located near the town of Mount Manganui in the north island of NZ. The mountain is only 349 meters high, making it the fourth smallest mountain in the world by height.

How high is table tennis table?

About 30 inches high

When was Cape May County Technical High School created?

Cape May County Technical High School was created in 1991.

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