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  • There is a limited amount of sperm in pre cum so although it is a slight chance, it is rare.
  • While it's possible that your girlfriend could become pregnant the chances are relatively low. If your pre-ejaculatory fluid containing sperm had gotten into her vagina, your girlfriend would have had to be at the point in her menstrual cycle when she was ovulating, which is typically 14 days before menstruation.
  • Not all pre-ejaculatory fluid contains sperm. This fluid is made by the prostate, not the testes that produce sperm, and thus contains no sperm on its own. If you ejaculated a short while before and hadn't urinated, some sperm from that ejaculation could have been left behind in the urethra and mixed with the "new" pre-ejaculatory fluid. If you hadn't already ejaculated at least once, then the chance that your pre-cum contained sperm is highly unlikely.
  • Pre-cum is prostate fluid and contains no sperm. If you played around before hand and he ejaculated, it is very possible. But if it's been a while since he's cum, there is very little to no chance of it having sperm and you need sperm to get pregnant.
  • If a man comes and then you have sex again, without the urination, then the sperm from the previous ejaculation could be carried out with the 'new precum'. The reason why the withdrawal method is not seen to be 'safe' is not due to sperm being in precum otherwise the pregnancy rate would be a whole lot higher. It is simply because inexperienced and even experienced men can get carried away in the moment and 'forget' to pull out or not pull out in time. Also, if the man does not urinate in between ejaculations.
  • Pre-cum is not produced in the prostate, it is produced in the cowpers glands, the prostate produces the seminal fluid for ejaculation (90% seminal fluid 10% sperm). Secondly due to the fact that the cowpers glands aren't your testicals they contain no sperm. The only way sperm can be present is if you have ejaculated and not urinated afterwards or, and this can be a problem with the withdrawal method, the male gets close to the edge and starts to ejaculate but holds himself back thinking he's stopped it (but some has came out already) so you think you're safe but you're not.
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Q: How high is the risk of getting pregnant by pre-ejaculate?
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