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How high should a bathroom mirror be?

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A bathroom mirror should be at about eye level, and certainly not above it. Ideally, the bathroom mirror is above the sink. When in doubt, gather a group representative of those who would be using the bathroom mirror. Find a spot that everyone is satisfied with. Try not to make anyone stoop or strain upwards to see anything in the mirror, but consider that kids will most likely grow, so plan ahead where it applies.

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Height of bathroom mirror?

32inch to 40inch high

How high to hang a bathroom mirror?

The height that suits you most. (Your hight)

Mirrors more details on the answer page?

My acne looks terrible in the bedroom and bathroom mirror but not that bad when i bring my bedroom mirror outside in the garden so what should i believe the mirror in my bathroom and bedroom or the mirror outside in the garden?

How high should a shelf be placed above a bathroom sink and below a mirror?

personal preference, it should be high enough so that it doesn't interfer with the faucet. Other than that, there is no "right" place to put it.

How high do you hang bathroom lights over a mirror?

That's a matter of personal preference and the style of the lighting. You CAN get bathroom lights that are attached to the sides of the mirror, but generally they go to the top edge.

How high to hang a bathroom light over the mirror?

2 oto 3 inches

What is an example of a plane mirror?

your bathroom mirror

How high should you hang a mirror?

Depending on the location... a standard bathroom mirror should be placed with the top of the reflective surface around six to ten inches above eye level. On the back of a door or on an alternate wall: full length should have a five to eight inch clearance from the floor/trim while a 'portrait' mirror should be hung similar to bathroom guidelines. Decorative mirrors are completely up in the air depending on taste.

Is a dresser mirror a good idea or a bathroom mirror?

A bathroom mirror is a better choice since you'll spend most of your time prepping in there anyway.

Bathroom Mirror?

form_title= Bathroom Mirror form_header= Find the mirror you want with help from experts. What size mirror do you want installed?*= _ [50] How do you want the mirror framed?*= _ [50] Do you want vanity lights installed with the mirror?*= () Yes () No () Not Sure

How do you remove an unframed bathroom mirror which is installed using clips?

The clips at the top of the mirror should just slide up, allowing you to tilt the mirror toward you and lift it from the bottom clips.

How high should a bathroom sink be?

Min 29 "

What kind of mirror that produces only virtual image?

Bathroom mirror.

How can you write on the bathroom mirror?

With a Sharpie

How high over a console table should a mirror be hung?

It should be six (6) inches from the bottom of the mirror

Where can one buy easy to install bathroom mirrors?

I have a crack in my bathroom mirror. Is there a way I can order a new mirror and replace it myself?

How high to hang a bathroom light on the sides of the mirror?

Hang them exactly where the woman of the house wants them. There is no code as to where to hang them, it is your choice.

What actors and actresses appeared in The Bathroom Mirror - 2008?

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Why are there fruit flies on your bathroom mirror?

From hairspray residue on the mirror. It is sweet to the fruit flies. Just wash the mirror.

What physical change takes place when the bathroom mirror fogs?

When a bathroom mirror fogs, it is because the steam in the air cools when it comes in contact with the cold mirror. This is condensation as the water moves from gas to liquid.

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How high should a bathroom handicap rail be?

35" to the center of the pipe.

What is fog on the bathroom mirror called?

Could be condensation

When you have a cold shower does the bathroom mirror fog up?

No. The steam from a hot shower fogs the mirror.

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