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75 inches from the ground

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Q: How high should you hang a bathroom medicine cabinet?
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Who said The Cabinet should hang together or be hung separately?

Benjamin Franklin

How do I hang bathroom cabinets?

I want to hang new bathroom cabinets. What do I need to do it and can I do it myself?

How high to hang a bathroom light on the sides of the mirror?

Hang them exactly where the woman of the house wants them. There is no code as to where to hang them, it is your choice.

How do you hang a dart board in a cabinet?

First you need to buy or build a dart board cabinet. When you hang the dart board cabinet you want to make sure that when you put the dart board inside the bullseye is 5' 8" high.

How high should pictures hang in bathroom?

Its good to hand pictures at an average eye level. Pictures should not be hung higher than a door frame.

What can I do to create more space in my bathroom having less space?

You should have hooks. These days you get multiple hooks that can hang a lot of clothes and other bathroom essentials. Just ensure that your bathroom fittings are of good quality else they will get spoilt in no time.

How high to hang a bathroom mirror?

The height that suits you most. (Your hight)

What is the best way to clean a bathroom shower curtain?

The best way to clean a bathroom shower curtain is to wash it in a washing machine with several towel in a cold water setting. You should then hang it outside to dry.

How to Hang cabinet from ceiling?

To provide an answer you need to know,is there a wall or is the ceiling the answer ?First you need to locate the ceiling joist and add support_ for_ the cabinet to be attached to the ceiling,support is a very complicated answer need to have support to be able to hang,, a type of support that will handle the weight of the cabinet and the things you plan to store in it..where are the cabinets going ,what room do you wish to hang the cabinets in ???and how is the ceiling supported to the joist ???

How high to hang a bathroom light over the mirror?

2 oto 3 inches

Can I get this in another color Is it mountable under a cabinet?

The colors available are white, black, bisque and stainless steel. There are kits available to hang it under a cabinet.

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