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300 feet

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How do tides affect coastlines?

high waves thrashing and large sea levels.

What is a tsunami short definition?

Tsunami is a series of long, high sea waves.

What is the sound of sea waves called?

Noise of sea waves

What are all the ocean and sea waves?

waves are moving tides that a caused by wind, which the tides go bigger while moving

Why does the Black Sea go black when the sea is rough?

because the waves have lots of dirt because it is so rough

What are waves in geography?

waves in the sea.

What is smooth sea?

Sea with no waves.

Which three factors determine how high the waves in a place will be?

the lenght of the waves , strenght of the waves and the duration o the high waves determine how high the waves in a place will be

How high can the waves go in the Bermuda triangle?

100-300 ft high depending on the storm.

What poem begins Down by the side of the sad sea waves?

By the Sad Sea Waves

How are waves created by the moon?

The moon has a gravity like the earth and therefore as it changes from a full moon to crecent so dose the gravitational pull. It is this gravitational pull on the sea that causes waves and high and low tide. The wind can also have an effect on how strong or high the waves will be

What are the effects of cutting down of mangroves?

without mangroves waves of water can go into the land easily because ,nothing is blocking the waves or wind from the sea.

How do waves get their energy?

by the particles in the sea when they bump togheter they give power to the waves by the particles in the sea when they bump togheter they give power to the waves

What is a long low ridge of sand deposited offshore as waves go back out to sea?


What is an example of a tsunami?

Many examples include sea sismec waves, sea earthquakes, and tidal waves.

Words taht describe waves at sea?

Crashing waves Smashing waves Big waves No waves Light waves Heavy waves Noisy waves :)

What has waves but no sea?

what's got a wave but no sea

Why are there waves in the sea?

Waves are most commonly caused by wind.

Who are waves?

You mean 'What are waves?' Waves are the bobbly things you see on ponds, lakes and the sea.

Is a tsunami an earthquake and a flood?

Tsunami is an EarthQuake in the bottom of the sea, which causes waves of high altitute which later on turn into a flood

What are the bends in the sea?


Where is the Sea of Waves?

On the Moon,,

Why is the sea friendly?

It waves.

Low frequency waves or high frequency waves which is more dangerous?

High frequency waves are more dangerous.

Are sea waves Longditudinal?

The waves on the sea's surface are tranverse, the waves below the surface are longditudinal.